10 DIY Projects to Welcome Spring

10 DIY Projects for Spring crafts roundupWelcome to the official First Day of Spring!

Yes my friends, Spring has definitely Sprung…and I bet you’re itching to make some fun DIY projects to welcome the new season. Flowers, Easter, May Day, graduations, prom, baby showers, and other Springtime celebrations? Bring on the season bursting with flowers and loveliness with these great crafts:

DIYenamelspringflowernecklace_done21. Enamel Bib Necklace
Celebrating all that is flowery and fun this season, this bib necklace works by collaging charms and buttons onto a filigree backing – and painting with Martha Stewart self-hardening enamel. Amazingly easy for such a fun project!

Ballet Flats Decorated with Silk Flowers

2. Flowered Ballet Flats
Adorn a pair of simple ballet flats with flowers and lace trim to become lovely and elegant footwear.

diyfloweredcase_done13. Flowered Snackcessory Clutch
So sweet as a pairing to a simple outfit…or to take along with you to prom.

rosecabrhinestoneearrings_done34. Prada Rose Cabochon Stud Earrings
Surprisingly simple to make – with a huge impact – these studs sparkle with a chic, ladylike quality.
done45. Florald Applique Cardigan
Take your favorite flowered fabric, cut out bits of the pattern, affix Heat ‘n’ Bond to it – and iron onto a boring cardigan for a quick pick-me-up.

skirtfront26. Lace Maxi-Skirt
Repurpose an old lace curtain (and there are always a ton to be found at Goodwill!) into a pretty lace maxi-skirt for over your shorter skirts, dresses, and shorts.

Flowered barrette made of silk flowers

7. Flower Barrette
Silk flowers from the craft store make this barrette look like a flower crown adorning your hair.
diyeastereggnails_done18. Gold Foil Easter Egg Nails
Pretty pastels pop when gold foil is applied haphazardly to the top. Do the same for your Easter eggs for a matching holiday craft.
DIY petal-front top made with silk flower petals9. Flower Petal Top
Hand-stitch flower petals down the front of a plain tee to make it floral fabulous with only a small amount of effort.
DIY watercolor scarf made with fabric dye10. Watercolor Scarf
Use dye to paint a scarf in daubs of color, leave on for a short time, and wash out for a faded, Monet-like quality.

What projects are you looking forward to making for Spring?



DIY Elastic Banded Strappy Sandals

0.diyelasticbandsandals_introphotoWith Summer still in its last throes I wanted to share this quick and easy DIY makeover for sandals with all of you…especially as there is only a few more weeks to wear it before we all start switching over the Fall boots. I’ve seen a lot of sandals that have an ankle strap made of elastic, which is a pretty cool design element, and definitely ups the sexy factor to any shoe. I wanted to convert a regular pair of ankle-strap sandals over to this fun elastic banded-type, which is also a breeze to switch out if you’re looking for a different color or look to the top strap. Just a little bit of hand-stitchery necessary! Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

DIY Free People Luxury Jones Belt-Wrapped Vintage Cowboy Boots

  Well, I did this step-by-step DIY of a pair of Luxury Jones belt-wrapped boots (as found on FreePeople.com) a little while ago and couldn’t wait to share the tutorial.  You need: a pair of vintage Western-style boots with mid-calf or knee-length shafts, 3-4 belts that you like, a sharp box cutter, a pair of shears, and some glue for leather/vinyl.  (As well as some matching shoe polish if your leather boots are dirty.;-)However, I also happened to find this DIY in video form, and must give full credit to Mr. Kate, who shared the how-to first on Youtube:

Think of all the possibilities – if you can just find the right pair of vintage-style Western boots!

Oh well..at least I had fun making them!


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DIY Lace-Covered Boots

I still have a ton of lace fabric from that curtain I bought last month to make my DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt…so I did a couple projects before I left for Japan to use up the extra.  One of the DIYs was re-vamping a pair of granny-booties with a lace covering and making them into the perfect booties for Spring.  With all the flowered boots popping up in retail stores lately, I figured it was high time to do a pretty feminine lace version!  Here’s how:

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DIY Bloggers Fashion Week Tutorial 2: DIY Isabel Marant Jumper and Fringe Boots by Feed Your Style

Day 2 of the DIY Bloggers Fashion Week!

The beautiful and talented Micol of Feed Your Style has shared not one, but TWO fabulous DIYs!

I love how crafty she is and how high-end the finished pieces look!


Check out Tutorial #2:

DIY Isabel Marant Jumper and Fringe Boots by Feed Your Style


*photo collage by Alessia of Matter of Style


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Introducing: DIY Bloggers Fashion Week! PLUS Tutorial 1: Dolce & Gabbana Jelly Sandals by Glitter’n Glue

New York, London, Milan, Paris…
Fashion Weeks happen all over the world and so is our inspiration!
We are proud to introduce you to the 
What we liked
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…It’s DIY Fashion Week.
And we’ll show you how!
One week.  6 projects.  All DIY of current trends straight from the runways.
Coordinated by the amazing Alessia of Matter of Style, this week is all about DIY!

First up: the incredibly talented Kristin of Glitter’n Glue and her lovely Dolce & Gabbana-inspired Jelly Sandals.  How pretty are they for summer?

Check out Tutorial #1:

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Jelly Sandals by Glitter’n Glue


Keep checking back for daily projects inspired by high fashion…and mine will be posting on the 21st!


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