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DIY Daisy-Print Applique Sweatshirt

0.diydaisyapplique_introphotoIt seems like an age since I posted I posted about Daisy-Print Inspiration here on the blog…but yes, this print is still trending amongst street style and retailers lately. I DIY’d an oversized sweatshirt in this neat pattern, and though it may be a little out of season by now, you can always do this on a more lightweight material. diydaisyapplique_done2Plus you can customize the flowers exactly how you want! Here’s how:

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DIY Skirt with Tied Sleeves in Front…from a Sweatshirt

0.diysweatshirtsleeveskirt_introphotoAs I posted (quite awhile ago now!), skirts and dresses with faux sleeves tied in the front are a mini-trend that has made it all the way from the runways of Celine to everyday street style. It’s a cute way to define the waist and yet add a casual twist to any outfit. diysweatshirtsleeveskirt_step8I figured it would be super-easy to re-purpose a sweatshirt into a little skirt with the sleeves as non-functional accessories. With 5 straight seams to sew, it’s also fairly quick and easy, even for sewing beginners. Here’s how to make your own version of this look: (more…)

How To: DIY Ballroom Skirt…from a Shower Curtain


“Make the workmanship surpass the materials.”


I absolutely love using unconventional materials in my DIY’s. To me, any and everything could be used for a wearable – and I never hesitate to question “Could I use that?” if I find a texture, shape, or pattern interesting. Anywhere, even the Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or garage sales – could offer up a potential material that could be used for a DIY. Some of my favorite past DIYs include these unconventional materials, including my DIY 80’s Acrylic Earrings from a Photo Frame, DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt from a Curtain, DIY 40’s-Style Kitty Beret from a Pirate Hat, DIY Bolo Tie Style Necklace from a Shoelace, and DIY Boho Bangles from Curtain Rings.    familyjewels_showercurtainEnter the unassuming polyester shower curtain. From a pin on Pinterest I found this gorgeous gemstone pattern (above) – and followed it to where I found it was actually a shower curtain by a company called Family Jewels, a Danish interior design company. (And it’s still available for purchase!)

Family Jewels Diamond Shower Curtain, $44.99 (sale)

I loved the pattern so much I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do something amazing with it – so I snapped it up and waited impatiently for it to arrive. When I opened the package I found that it was made of a stiff, somewhat waterproof polyester, which to me felt a bit like a stiff satin or taffeta…which got me thinking ballroom skirts. Billowy, poufy, elegant – and perfect for holiday parties! So I set about making my own. Here’s how I did it:

You Need:diyshowercurtainskirt_4

1 shower curtain  /  fusible lightweight interfacing  /  iron + ironing board  /  scissors  /  pins  /  marking chalk  /  measuring tape  /  matching thread  /  sewing machine + needle for lightweight polyester  /  9″ long invisible zipper  /  overlocker or serger (optional)

How To: *sorry no photos of the process/materials, since I actually made the skirt at about 1 AM in my living room!

1. Basically, I followed this tutorial here for the making of the skirt, so full credit needs to go to Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing. HOWEVER, make sure that when you cut you do it on your fabric that is folded over, so you are cutting 2 of each pattern piece and the waistband is one long length since it was cut on the fold (it escaped my notice until Part 2 of the tutorial, which was entirely my fault.) For my skirt, my measurements were: 41″ long and 32.5″ high. My waistband was 32″ long and 4.75″ high. (Both including about 0.5″ of seam allowance.) I also utilized the finished edges of the shower curtain in my cut piece so that I would have less overlocking to do.

2. I then overlocked all raw edges, except those that would be hidden inside the waistband.

3. Then, I followed Part 2 of the tutorial for the construction of the skirt. diyshowercurtainskirt_2It came together quite quickly and I made it in about 2 hours the night before I had to go to the airport to go to the 3-day Lucky FABB event in October!

When I attended Lucky FABB, my DIY Ballroom Skirt from a Shower Curtain caused quite a stir, with bloggers stopping me to ask me where I got it, and Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This even going so far as to compliment it when I asked a question to her during a panel. (!! what a moment!!)

This skirt also looks amazing when worn over a crinoline or a petticoat so that it has even more stiffness and stands away from the body more. If you are in the market for a new ballroom skirt like this one, definitely check out home decor stores now: with it being the holidays, shimmery, sequinned, sparkly shower curtains are readily available…and much, much cheaper than buying a skirt ready-made. diyshowercurtainskirt_3diyshowercurtainskirt_1How about you? Have you ever used unconventional materials for something that turned out much better than you hoped?

Do tell!

Happy DIY’ing!

xo Carly

DIY 80’s-Style Acrylic and Rhinestone Triangle Dangle Earrings – Made From a Photo Frame!

0.diytriangleacrylicearrings_introphotoBig jewelry straight out of the 1980’s is having a HUGE moment this year. The bigger, the better – covered with plexi and acrylic, chunky bold shapes, and glittering rhinestones – anything goes right now. I saw these earrings for sale in a store during my last trip to Tokyo this Summer – and decided to DIY them with some materials I already had on hand. Clear acrylic for accessories is hard to come by – so I just repurposed an old photo-frame for my main material. Here’s how:

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DIY Laced-Up Sunday Tee Upcycle from Hapy Friends Shoppe

0.lacedupsundaytee_introphotoAiko Miyako started her blog Hapy Friends Shoppe last year, sharing DIY tutorials for adorable plushies and sweet, lacy pieces that look so pretty paired with pastels and structured blazers. Today she is joining us to share her DIY for a Laced-up Sunday Tee here on Chic Steals. It’s a great project to breathe life into an old T-shirt or tanktop and give it a bit of feminine flair. Take it away, Aiko!


Before and After of the T-Shirt

Why hello there everyone! My name is Aiko and I am going to share a simple DIY project perfect for Sundays! We will be making this sweet looking laced up T-Shirt. This is a simple project and is a great way to recycle old pieces and turn them into something new. Lace is a beautiful accessory to add to your plain T-shirts and dresses  as it gives a romantic, vintage feel which I absolutely adore. This method can be re-created on longer T-shirts depending on preference.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Things you will need: Old T-Shirt (short or long)  /  Scrap lace  /  Scissors  /  Needle  /  Thread in the similar colors to your fabric  /  Pearl beads

tutorial11.) Prepare any kind of T-shirt preferably a plain one. I used an old cropped tee I had lying around. Straighten the T-shirt out, leaving it flat on the floor.

2.) Prepare some scrap lace. In my case, I used scrap lace I had from a previous project. You will want to measure out the lace slightly more than the width of your T-shirt.

3.) Leave your shirt right side up and we are ready to start sewing.

4.) Line the lace parallel with the bottom of your T-shirt and sew 2cm (about 3/4″) above the bottom. Remember to hem the edges so that you have a neat line.  (sewing machine only)

5.) If you are hand-sewing the lace on, grab both ends as shown in picture 5. Sew right at the bottom, using blanket stitching. This is a simple and fast method of hand sewing two pieces together and it creates a sturdy finish.

6.) Now let’s create some pretty pleats. Depending on how intricate you want your pleats to be, space them out and start folding the lace as shown in the picture. Sew onto the fold and you are done!  Make sure you snip off any excess and hem the edges of the lace.

7.) This is what you should have once you are done with the lace. I only sewed lace on the front side of the T-shirt to give it some edge and left the back bare.

8.) Let’s pretty up this T-shirt. I used pearl beads to create fake buttons and sewed them on by hand using a back-stitch.

9.) Finally, I took some remaining scrap lace, folded it in half, and placed it at the top of the T-shirt. Sew it on using a back stitch and voila! You are done.

finished1Pair this blouse with a pair of distressed jeans shorts for some edge, slap on a straw hat and be on your way to a perfect Sunday picnic by the lake!

Thank you so much gorgeous people for having me here! It has been a blast!

headshotAiko Miyako has been blogging and sharing videos on Youtube for a little over a  year now under the name Hapy Friends Shoppe. Her blog is built around fashion and craft, starting off with sharing little plush projects on her blog and YouTube channel. Once that took off, she decided to add more content to her blog by posting outfits inspired by the things around her. She adores fashion and DIY projects because she is able to share the things that she loves in hopes to inspire others.

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DIY Printed Bodycon Pencil Skirt From a Men’s T-Shirt

0.diyphotoprintpencilskirt_introWhat could be more Summery than beautiful photographs of must-visit vacation spots? And nothing can herald the coming of this season more than wearing said photos on your person: an apparel-fueled mental vacation, if you will.

Get A Life is a series of photo-printed tops for men, sold at Wal-Mart for very affordable prices (around $9 and up, and now available on eBay by the hundreds).  Their pieces are made of a stretchy polyester, which makes them wonderfully-suited for women’s clothing (especially bodycon styles!).  These T-shirts, since made for men, are already oversized (read: TONS of workable fabric!)…and very easily remade into something perfect for a woman…and perfect for fun in the sun.  Here’s how:

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Easy Music Festival DIY’s

Music festival season is in full swing…and now is a great time to refresh some of your old faves in the closet and get them ready for the circuit!  Here are some on-trend festival fashion DIY’s that can get you ready to rock out in a flash:

5.done2How about some DIY Suede Fringed Gladiator Sandals? So easy using suede fringe by-the-yard!

tee20Turn a men’s t-shirt into a DIY Chain-and-Bead Halter Dress. Stitch on another tube of fabric to the bottom and you have a maxi-dress, or leave it short for a cute festival look or pool cover-up.

doneLayer on lace with my DIY Lace Top to Lace Vest tutorial.  Looks especially cool layered over denim!

skirtfront2Make your own sheer DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt…From a Curtain for super-cheap (mine cost $2.99 for the lace curtain from Goodwill!)…even cheaper if you already have lace lying around.

done3While on the subject of lace…you could also attach lace to your boots for a pair of DIY Lace-Covered Boots to pretty up your steps.

done2And speaking of boots, you can also DIY your own version of those Ann Demeulemeester Lace-Up Boots, as long as you can find the base boots to poke holes into.

headband2bA DIY Bra Strap Headband is a great way to re-use an old bra strap – and adorned with a fancy pin, it looks equal parts boho glam and Art Deco festive.

donenoborderJazz up a tote bag with studs and fringe to make a DIY Biker Babe Fringed Tote. Coordinating biker dude sold separately.

done3_loopscarfEveryone needs a scarf to accessorize at a festival.  done_leopardscarfTry my DIY Necklush tutorial, or my DIY Leopard No-Sew Scarf from a T-Shirt tutorial.
done2Go the flower child route and make a pair of DIY Flowered Ballet Flats. Just a hot glue gun and some lace scraps and fake flowers are all you need.

outfitIf you’re up for a challenge, why not recon a guy’s button-down into a hot little DIY Jumpsuit Romper?

shirtdress2Or into a DIY Cute Summer ShirtDress? Totally festival- (and warm weather-) worthy.

banglesEvery outfit needs accessories too…and you can raid your fabric or home furnishings store for these DIY Curtain Rings to Boho Bangles.


And finally, you can also DIY your own Festival-ready Customized Rucksack with Kate’s Closet on ASOS. An oldie but a goodie! 😉

Are you guys looking forward to DIY’ing anything for any upcoming festivals or events you’re attending?


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