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One Necklace, Three Girls with Flutter Boutique

0.1piece3girls_flutterintrophotoWelcome to the latest installment of One Piece, Three Girls – where I feature a single article of clothing, jewelry, or an accessory from a local boutique, styled into 3 different looks for 3 different ladies. (See my feature with Portland’s Mabel & Zora boutique here!)

1piece3girls_fluttersignFor this post, I had the opportunity to work with Flutter in the North Mississippi district of Portland. If you’ve never been to Flutter, you really must go next time you’re in town – because it is a treasure trove of amazing vintage, handmade pieces, eclectic ephemera, candles, papers, ribbons, books, masks, succulents, soaps, and home decor oh my! 1piece3girls_flutter2They operate their website on and it is indeed a clutter….of spectacular finds! (more…)

DIY Owl and Leaves Epoxy Clay Gold Leaf Charm Necklace

0.diyepoxyclaypendants_introphotoBack when I worked on the May campaign with Martha Stewart Jewelry, I actually made a couple of pieces while playing around with the treasure trove of supplies I was sent. (Only my DIY Enamel Spring Flower Bib Necklace made it to the blog for the campaign post.) But I also made a few other pieces with the extra supplies (like the DIY Ombre Filigree Earrings I shared here.)

Now here is another fun project using Epoxy Clay (and it doesn’t have to be Martha Stewart brand – any brand will do) and gold leafing, that produces a very chic and polished result. String these lightweight pendants on graduated chains for a pretty, layered piece. Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

Free People Portland x Chic Steals DIY Quartz Necklace Event Recap

Hello lovely readers!  I really enjoyed meeting some of you at the DIY Event with Free People Portland that I taught on Saturday.

freepeoplediyevent_3About 20 people came during a 2-hour period to learn how to make a beautiful gold-dipped quartz necklace.

Explaining how to wire-wrap.  Some of the quartz pieces were pretty slippery!


Comparing to my finished example of how to twist the ends of the wire.

freepeoplediyevent_4 freepeoplediyevent_5 freepeoplediyevent_6 freepeoplediyevent_8

Adding the liquid gold gilding to the ends.

It was so awesome!  There were people of all differing levels of DIY ability and interest: some seasoned makers who were already quite experienced with wire-wrapping, and some who were just getting their feet wet.

freepeoplediyevent_10Also: if your store or boutique or event is interested in hosting a DIY project eventdrop me a line!  I’d love to work with you:-)

freepeoplediyevent_7Thanks to everyone who came to the event – and to Free People for hosting me!  It was lovely to meet all of you!

freepeoplediyevent_finishednecklaceP.S. And for anyone who wanted to stop by and couldn’t…I’ll be posting the tutorial on how to make one of these necklaces tomorrow!  Stay tuned…


Event photos by Kristin Rosario

Outfit 11.09.12: Freebies Galore!

Knit Cat Hat Beanie: freebie from Shibuya 109 Book Vol. 6 (similar here)

Mecha-Rake Ekusute in Long Curl (TGMX color): Priscila

Chain-and-rhinestone necklace: Forever 21 (similar here, or just DIY it by wrapping a bunch of different chain chokers around themselves, and hooking in a couple rhinestone links or beads)

Pyramid stud spiky necklace: DIY

Upside-down sweatshirt: Kai-aakmann (similar here)

Reversible vinyl clutch: freebie from Vivi magazine December 2012 issue

Leggings with attached legwarmers: My Honey Bee

Scrunchy velour boots: GoJane (old)

I’ve had a horrible cold for the last week or so, and Hub went to the Japanese market and brought home a present to make me feel better: the latest issue of my favorite magazine Vivi, and the latest issue of Shibuya-109 Book with included Cat Hat Beanie freebie! (more…)

DIY in 5: Acrylic Bib Necklace

Yesterday I coveted it, so today I’m going to show you how to make it. It’s DIY in 5minutes, that is. The easiest, quickest ways to take a piece from blah to fab and update it to current trends.

From left to right: Giambattista Valli, Alexis Bittar, Giorgio Armani, VPL Victoria Bartlett.
photo credits:,; photo array by me.

With the coming of Spring, jewelry tends to go lighter, translucent, and more plastic-y…and the bib necklace is no exception.  But finding just the right clear acrylic piece for a necklace is pretty tough; jewelry supply stores usually don’t sell large bib-style acrylic pieces, for one thing.  You could always design it yourself and have it cut by – but there’s a steep learning curve for the design software, usually multiple prototypes are necessary before you reach your final design, the service is pretty expensive for just once, and hiring out lasercutting seems a bit over-the-top for just a single piece for yourself.  No, fast, cheap, and easy is the name of the game, so when I spied a set of acrylic purse handles at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts store, I figured one would be perfect for a necklace.

Project Difficulty: (Easy/Beginner)

You Need:

*1 acrylic purse-handle

*2 silvertone rectangle rings or D-rings (also found in purse-making section)

*1/2″ wide satin ribbon

*2 silvertone scrapbooking brads (not pictured)


*pliers (optional: wirecutting pliers)





I love how it looks like the purse handle is smiling at you.  Happy Handle!:-D

1. Use the pliers to remove the top rings from the handle – usually I find these rings, being sized for purses, are too big and bulky in relation to the size of the handle to use as-is for a necklace.  (It literally looks like you’ve slung a purse handle around your neck…something I don’t want to be too obvious in the finished piece.)

2. Attach the rectangles or D-rings that you got separately to the ends of the handle with the pliers – twisting apart and then re-closing like a jump ring with 2 sets of pliers.  (If you couldn’t find any rings or don’t like that look, you can always skip this step and just thread the ribbon ends through the holes in the ends of the handle instead.)

3. Cut two long pieces of ribbon and thread each through the rectangles/D-rings.  (Make sure each ribbon piece when doubled-over, is still long enough to tie behind your neck.)

Cut the ends at an angle and heat-seal them with a lighter or open flame.

4. Use an awl or the scissors to poke a hole through the ribbon center near the rectangle/D-rings.  Attach a scrapbooking brad through the hole and fold over the brad legs.  (You can also trim them if they stick out beyond the width of the ribbon by using wirecutting pliers.)

The doubled ribbon ends you then tie behind your neck in a knot or a bow depending on your preference.

Wear paired with brighter-than-bright colors for a Spring 2011 feel, or over bare skin for a more upscale vibe.

Happy DIY’ing!



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Lookalikes! House of Harlow and Fiona Paxton Necklaces

Alright, so shoot me…I love Forever21. Sure, their clothing and jewelry is cheaply constructed and will fall apart quickly, but when it comes to staying on top of the trends (and producing low-priced knockoffs) they’re the US’s answer to the UK’s ASOS. (ASOS is better-designed and a little more fashion-forward, IMHO, but F21 is the closest we’ve got stateside.) Is it just me, or does the necklace above remind you a teensy little bit of that House of Harlow black geometric necklace? (below)

(Edit 4/19/11: Actually, the Forever 21 necklace is a knockoff inspired by a necklace by Amrita Singh.  Touche.)

And…another cheap affordable accessories destination…with their version of that Fiona Paxton beaded chained elastic thingy necklace as seen on Hilary Duff (and if you already saw this in May 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan, I’m so sorry – it just took me awhile to get on the bandwagon).

[I’m going to DIY mine and add on a whole bunch of spangles and mirrored bugle beads so it looks more like the original version and not just a strip of elastic.]

What do you all think? Original Necklaces vs. Knockoffs: Chic or Cheap?