DIY Spike-End Bangles: 3 Ways

0.diyspikeendbangle_introLately double-ended spike bangles are trending all over Pinterest and street-style photos: stacked with DIY friendship bracelets, pretty watches, stretchy beaded bracelets, and other metal bangles.  You could spend hundreds of dollars on even just one at Sarah Chloe or CC Skye, for example. But they’re super-easy to DIY, and the results are amazing!  Try your hand at making your own with 3 different versions in these tutorials: (more…)

DIY Rhinestone-Wrapped Neon Tassel Earrings

Lately neon’s been the IT color of the season…and I’m particularly drawn to bright yellow.  DIY tassel earrings have been making the rounds for some time on the blogosphere (see …love, Maegan’s version or Studs n Pearls’ version), so I decided to spice up my version with a bit of elegant rhinestone chain around the tops of the tassels.  The great thing about using neon embroidery thread for this project?  For some reason the quality of the thread is such that it unravels in a heartbeat…particularly annoying for friendship bracelet projects…but perfect for DIY tassels!!  Here’s how to make them:

Materials: (more…)

Stud It! Fringe It! Biker Babe It! Here’s How.

Stud It! Fringe It! Biker Babe It! Here's How.Few things add edge to a look like bits of metal leering out from an unexpected angle; in combination with swingy fringe, the trend has continued to stomp down many a runway. Studs fringe fashion trend

Adding a touch of tough to pieces you already have in your wardrobe is a fun way to freshen up your look. But be careful: there is a wrong way to stud and fringe your basics, so we’ve put together this helpful little primer on Badass Embellishment Skills 101.
To sex up a boring black leather tote, this is what you’ll need: