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I’m Selling Designer Denim and Finds From My Closet! Check it Out…

Yes, folks, I have been cleaning out my closet like a madwoman. (And no, it’s not that Spring Cleaning time of year yet! I’ve experienced an unexpected and significant change in my family’s circumstances – which has thrown my son Lil Tot and I into dire financial straits. (I have not been able to share […]

Ultimate Summer Tie Dye Party Pack for Sale!

Hello friends! I am in the process of cleaning out my craft stash and I have a huge Summer Tie Dye Party Pack available that I’m looking to get rid of. You know crafting supplies…they tend to pile up and up (especially when one writes about crafting and DIY’ing for a living, LOL)…and soon there […]

Still for Sale…

Yes, my other box of DIY supplies for jewelry sold very quickly, but I still have the painting kit available. Any takers? $35 including shipping to a U.S. address Email me if you’re interested! Thanks! xo Carly

FOR SALE! 2 Mega-Stuffed Boxes of DIY Crafting Supplies Just For You

Yes, dear readers, I have cleaned out my craft closet – and found a whole lotta supplies I just won’t be getting around to using. I’ve packaged them up into two packages, which I’m offering for sale at a highly-discounted price. They’re filled to the brim with amazing crafting supplies, tools, and goodies that anyone […]

NWT Shirt for Sale: Please Take It Off My Hands!

Just a quick post to share this shirt I’m selling: New With Tags Priorities Plaid Shirt with Front Ruffle, size M Worn once in the America’s Most Stylish Blogger Contest here, and once above for this photo.  It has a sweet Laura Ingalls Wilder-feel to it, but I really need to make space in my […]

Prada for Sale: Size 7 Taupe Suede Studded Ankle Booties

I’ve spent the last month or so cleaning out my closet and streamlining my favorite pieces, though I haven’t had any time to post most of my superfluous pieces for sale yet.  What I was able to photograph and post to Ebay were my studded Prada booties – received for the StyleList America’s Most Stylish […]