I’m Selling Designer Denim and Finds From My Closet! Check it Out…

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Yes, folks, I have been cleaning out my closet like a madwoman. (And no, it’s not that Spring Cleaning time of year yet! 😉

I’ve experienced an unexpected and significant change in my family’s circumstances – which has thrown my son Lil Tot and I into dire financial straits. (I have not been able to share exact details yet, but I will when the time is right.)

I’ve been selling off what I can to make ends meet. Above are some items from my closet I currently have listed on Ebay…more to come soon. If you’re interested, please check them out! (Under Ebay seller name seashellcarly)

Thanks for looking!


Ultimate Summer Tie Dye Party Pack for Sale!

0.tshirtsanddye_introphotoHello friends! I am in the process of cleaning out my craft stash and I have a huge Summer Tie Dye Party Pack available that I’m looking to get rid of. You know crafting supplies…they tend to pile up and up (especially when one writes about crafting and DIY’ing for a living, LOL)…and soon there is a Closet Monster, trying to consume everything and everyone in its wake. Yup, something’s gotta be done, life is in transition, and I need to lighten the load.

I was sent all these supplies for a recent tutorial (which had 3 packs of dye total) and I used only one pack of dye, leaving the remaining 2 packs untouched. Those two dye kits, plus the huge amount of T-shirts are unopened, brand-spanking-new…and it’s taking up space and has to go!

What you get:

tshirtsanddye3*20 Gildan Size L white Adult T-shirts (100% cotton) ($43.96 retail)


*Tulip One-Step Super-Big Tie Dye Kit (12 colors, dyes up to 36 projects) ($23.81 retail)

*Tulip Vibrant One-Step Tie Dye Kit (3 colors, dyes up to 9 projects) ($9.87 retail)

tshirtsanddye4This is a great pack for a party, sleepover, crafting session, Summer camp, class activity, group craft circle…the list goes on and on. If you were to buy all these supplies retail, it would cost over $75!

Sale: Ultimate Summer Tie Dye Party Pack $35

Shipping to a U.S. address: (9.2 lbs) $25 max (estimated, once I know your zipcode I’ll be able to calculate it properly and save you money on the shipping)

Shipping to an International Address: varies, contact me for estimate

tshirtsanddye1Email me at carlyjcais AT chic-steals.com if you’d like to buy it!

Oh, and the DIY Dyeing Craft Kit I had for sale awhile back? I listed it on Ebay here if anyone’s interested at all.

Thanks so much for looking (and helping take this off my hands!!)


Still for Sale…


Yes, my other box of DIY supplies for jewelry sold very quickly, but I still have the painting kit available. Any takers?

$35 including shipping to a U.S. address


Email me if you’re interested!


FOR SALE! 2 Mega-Stuffed Boxes of DIY Crafting Supplies Just For You

craftboxes_forsaleYes, dear readers, I have cleaned out my craft closet – and found a whole lotta supplies I just won’t be getting around to using. I’ve packaged them up into two packages, which I’m offering for sale at a highly-discounted price. They’re filled to the brim with amazing crafting supplies, tools, and goodies that anyone would be excited to add to their stash. The majority of these supplies are unopened, unused, and brand spanking new. Here’s a little more info about each box:



Edit 5/8: MAN, you guys are fast!! This jewelry box has already sold and is on its way to its new owner!

*Martha Stewart brand: round nose pliers, epoxy clay in blue, 3 types of silver chain, turquoise pointed-back rhinestones, silver charms, orange enameling paint, flower bails, turquoise rhinestone ribbon charm, large rhinestone settings, blue scallop glass beads, jump rings, earring studs, and flower french hooks

*M&J Trimming brand: Autumn in New York 3 DIY project box with supplies (tassel keyring, horsebit necklace, horsebit wrap bracelet), with small E6000, flush cutting pliers, and round nose pliers

*Maruti beads: box of Maruti beads, Lac beads, and Kashmiri beads



*Tulip brand: heat-set multi rhinestone set (300 rhinestones), heat-setting tool, one-stop tie-dye kit, 4 glitter puffy paints, 6 Metallic paints, 3 neon slick paints (pink and orange slightly used)

*Martha Stewart brand: Mat decoupage medium, Gloss decoupage medium (slightly used), bright green paint, lavender satin paint, glitter orange paint, 2 decoupage papers in gold and gray spiderweb

*bag of acrylic stick-on rhinestonesfabricpaintingbox2

The cost of each box is

$35 (Fabric painting box is the only one available now)

Which includes the Priority Medium Flat Rate Box shipping fee of $11.30. If you were to purchase all the supplies separately you would easily spend over $130 for each box!

Sorry, but I can only ship either box to a U.S.-based address.

Any questions? Hit me up at carlyjcais AT chic-steals DOT com.

If you want to buy them, email me at the above email address, and I’ll send you my Paypal address for payment. Then the next business day I’ll be sending out your box of DIY and crafting goodies!!

Thanks for looking!