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DIY Gossip Girl-Inspired Crochet Beaded Necklace and How to Make Perfect Loops in Headpins for Jewelry-Making

done2*This is a project I shared in Snippets Magazine: The New York Issue on Cut Out + Keep in 2010, and am re-posting here on my blog.

inspiration1inspiration2Serena sported this beautiful vintage-style necklace in an early episode of the addictive Gossip Girl TV series. Its charm was its modern take on the beautiful art of crochet – and the delicate balance between darkness and fragility. Plus, with some appliques from the sewing store it’s a cinch to make. Here’s how:

DIY Gossip Girl-Inspired Starburst Safety Pin Blazer

done1*This project I contributed to Snippets Magazine: The New York Issue on Cut Out + Keep in 2010, and am re-posting to my blog here.

A la Balmain or a la Jenny, this blazer is looking sharp!

inspirationThough it only appeared onscreen for the briefest of moments, this was Little J’s take on an elegant cover-up to take her straight to the Ambassador’s Dinner and show up Damien. Making your own is easy, just by adding multiple safety pins to a blazer in need of a makeover.

materialsBlack fitted Blazer  /  Medium-large size silver Safety Pins

How To:step1 1. Start by inserting a couple safety pins in a fan-shape at one of the side-seams of the blazer, right where it hits your waist. Try not to push the safety pins through the jacket lining.Add more safety pins in-between the first row.

step22. Keep alternating placement as you fan out from the side and create a “starburst” pattern.

step33. Add a few larger safety pins near the edges.

step44. Repeat for the other side of the blazer.done2
So easy- and so impactful. This piece looks great over skinny jeans, or even a slinky dress for a night out!
Happy DIY’ing!

DIY the Look: Tilda Swinton for Cut Out + Keep

large_tildaWhen I first started blogging back in 2008, Cut Out + Keep was the very first tutorial-sharing site that I joined. I loved its scrappy, can-do attitude and the welcoming community there. I ended up posting 61 projects on the site over time, as well as being featured multiple times as a Crafty Superstar, a DIY Fashionista, and contributing to their online zine Snippets.

So when the founder of Cut Out + Keep Cat Morley asked me to try to DIY TIlda Swinton’s unique style, I said of course! Who could resist a how-to about that avant-garde icon? (Plus, she’s my favorite actress hands-down.) Click on through to find out how you can DIY her edgy look at home:

Find Out How to DIY the Look: Tilda Swinton

Thank you to the team at Cut Out + Keep for the feature!



Photo courtesy of Cut Out + Keep.

DIY I Love New York Tote…from a T-Shirt

done2*This project I contributed to Snippets Magazine: The New York Issue on Cut Out + Keep back in 2010, and am re-posting here on my blog.
Declare your love for the Big Apple!  Take that shirt showing genuine NYC pride and remake it into a stylish totebag. LOVE is in the details! Here’s how to make your own:
You Need:materials
I Love NY T Shirt (mine is a unisex Large)  /  White Thread
Tools: Tape Measure  /  Chalk  / Sewing Machine Needle for knits  /  Scissors  / Pin(s)  /  Serger /overlocker (optional)
How to: (more…)

DIY Gossip Girl-Inspired Mesh Rhinestone Earrings

done2*This project was featured here in the New York Issue of Snippets Magazine on Cut Out + Keep in 2010; I’m just re-posting the tutorial on my site.

This last season of TV’s Gossip Girl has seen the two female leads wear some awfully big, flashy earrings in true 80’s throwback style. Taking a leaf from Blair’s Dynasty-inspired playbook, I’m DIY’ing another version of a pair of oversized gemstone earrings, using fabric and mesh tulle.

You Need: (more…)

Featured As: DIY Fashionista on Cut Out + Keep

I’ve been featured in the first-ever installment of Cut Out + Keep‘s new blog series: DIY Fashionista!

If you’ve never heard of Cut Out + Keep before, they’re an awesome tutorial-sharing site for all crafty-minded people out there.  Not as tech-oriented and hone repair as Instructables, wayyyyyy better design that Craftster, and it’s a wonderful source of inspiration and amazing projects.  In the interview, I talk favorite designers and brands, shopping destinations, and offer some advice for making and customizing your own things!

Thanks so much to Cat and the team at Cut Out + Keep for the feature, I so appreciate it!

Check Out DIY Fashionista on Cut Out + Keep



Portland’s Museum of Craft Featured in Cut Out + Keep’s The Road Trip Issue of Snippets Magazine

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Portland’s own Museum of Contemporary Craft awhile ago to contribute an article to Cut Out + Keep‘s online magazine Snippets.  And it’s finally live!

Read “Museum of Craft” in Snippets’ The Road Trip Issue

Thanks so much to Cat and the whole Cut Out + Keep team who included me!

Though the museum is small, it does highlight the strong craft movement and history of a variety of disciplines, mainly focused on the Pacific Northwest.  It was really interesting to gain a sense of time, place, and handiwork as displayed there.

Have any of you ever been to Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft?


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DIY the Look Series from Cut Out + Keep: Weekly Celebrity DIY Guides

Have you guys seen the “DIY the Look” series from tutorial-sharing site Cut Out + Keep?  I’m just loving the creativity, the style, and most of all…the celebrity looks on the cheap!!

Find out how to DIY your favorite celeb’s look from head to toe…they have some great breakdowns including Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen, Evan Rachel Wood, Audrey Kitching, Emma Watson, and Gwen Stefani, for starters.  (You may also see some tutorials in there from yours truly!!;-)

Get your craft on and re-create your favorite look!

Check Out the DIY the Look Series from COAK

I’ve been overwhelmed with classes last week and am finally getting back into things, though this week doesn’t look much better.  Hopefully I’ll have a DIY Links of the Week post up tomorrow – hang tight!


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