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DIY Illustrated Wrapping Paper Inspired by Glade Under the Mistletoe of the wonderful anticipation that leads up the Christmas holiday is buying (or DIY’ing!) your holiday gifts, wrapping them with fun, festive paper and ribbon to conceal what’s inside, and arranging them under the tree. If you’re in a pinch and need to wrap something last minute, or want to add a little DIY touch to your wrappings as well, why not print your own gift wrap on your printer at home?diy-illustrated-giftwrap4 (more…)

Find Chic Gifts for Everyone on Your List with ModCloth’s Holiday Gift Guide

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‘Tis the season to shop (and save!) and ModCloth has you covered with extensive Gift Guides for everyone in the fam. Which one appeals to my bargain-hunting, penny-pinching self the most? That would be their Gifts Under $20 Guide, and here are a couple of my favorite picks therein:

1. There’s a Map for That Necklace in Gold, $19.99. How unique is this beautiful necklace of the world?

2. I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats, $12.99. For every cat-lover, there’s also a long-silent sufferer of feline whims. Delve into the mind of your furry companion with this cute book.

3. Grab a Bite Socks, $9.99. Kitschy, cute, and fun (love the little fins sticking out). Take the bite out of frostbite with these footwarmers.

4. Open Air Outing Circle Scarf in Black, $14.99 (25% off!). I’m in the market for a new neutral scarf, and this ribbed black one looks chic and understated enough for work.

5. All That Shimmers iPhone 5 Case, $14.99. Bring on the bling in this glitter-motif iPhone case (without leaving a train of DIY glitter behind you).

6. My Pet Octopus Hairclip, $9.99. You caught me: I have a secret thing for octopuses. (Of any genus, hence octopuses.) This hairclip would be perfect for my weird penchant, but not quite as high-maintenance as owning an actual octopus as a pet. Which some might consider cruel due to how shy and intelligent the octopus is.

7. Why You’re So Awesome Book, $11.99. Why you totally are! LOVE this fill-in-the-blank book to give to your favorite someone. Heartfelt – but not in an icky way.

8. No Conquest Ring in Silver, $12.99. I have this ring. I adore it – I get compliments every time I wear it! Very Game of Thrones meets Robert Lee Morris.

9. Galaxy You Later Night Light, $7.99. This night light is just gorgeous, and is kind of reminiscent of the Sparkle Star Galaxy Fabric I designed for Spoonflower. (Extra points for sewing up some coordinating pillows, covering a lampshade, or even making a comforter cover out of that fabric for a full-on Galaxy-themed room!)

Sparkle Star Galaxy print Fabric on Spoonflower

Happy Shopping (and mega-saving)!


Sweater Yourself and Host a Festive DIY Holiday Sweater Party: Guide from Goodwill

sweateryourselfappWith the holidays in full swing, it’s that time of year when holiday sweaters abound. Goodwill has partnered with Ad Council to produce a couple of cool tools to help celebrate that sweater-y time with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor about the (sometimes) questionable and ubiquitous HIDEOUS CHRISTMAS SWEATER.

Using their Sweater Yourself App, you can upload a photo of yourself through your Facebook account, selecting an avatar with accessories and hideous sweater of your choice, and send to all of your friends as a fun little holiday card. (Bonus: It also helps support and increase awareness for Goodwill’s mission to provide job training and community services to people in need.)

Sweater Yourself Now

In addition, they’ve also created a fun little guide for throwing your own hideous DIY Holiday Sweater Party on Snapguide. Browse through to get some inspiration and ideas for making this season fun and festive, and when all the celebrations are over, consider donating what you don’t need any more to Goodwill to help provide people with jobs, training, youth mentoring, and education. (I wrote a post awhile ago covering the life cycle of a garment donated to Goodwill…which may surprise you in the ingenious lengths the organization goes to in order to ensure that every piece of clothing has a final use (instead of just landfill). Seriously – if you haven’t yet…go read it!)

Check out How to Throw a Festive Sweater Holiday Party by Goodwill Industries International on Snapguide.

What could be more chic than paring down what you don’t need and helping others in the process? (And having fun while doing it 😉



9 DIY Place Settings for Your Holiday Table Inspired by ZGallerie

9holidaytablesettings The holidays are upon us – and it’s time to think about dressing up one’s festive table: pairing dishes, napkins, glasses, and accessories to create the perfect backdrop for your feast. Though I LOVE Z Gallerie as an amazing source of inspiration for the holiday table, most of the time I’m willing to plunk down my money for a little more affordable. Take some inspiration from these dressed-up table settings, and DIY your way to the perfect set-up for your entertaining this season:holidaytable1

No. 1: Layer a bronze beaded placemat under a red charger (a cheap plastic one is fine!), followed by a gold plate and bowl (Dollar Tree has some great ones!). Add a gold ball ornament inside the bowl, and a DIY Gold Starburst napkin ring onto a tan chiffon napkin (just get a length of chiffon cut at the fabric store, and hem). A DIY Gold Etched Champagne Glass completes the set.

No. 2: This time make your DIY Starburst napkin ring with silver spray paint, paired with a pewter chiffon napkin. Use 2 white octagonal plates and 1 bowl, stacked above silver ball ornaments ringing the setting. A disco ball ornament (can be DIY’d with CDs if you can’t find a good one) in the center and a glass with a silver stem (spray-painted with Krylon Chrome Spray Paint makes the setting perfect.

No. 3: Use Tulip Shimmer Sheets to apply a gold foiling to a plain white square placemat. Stack 2 gold plates and a gold bowl on top of each other, adding a DIY Pearl Ornament covered in pearl and gold beads to the center. A piece of stemware can be co-ordinated with a bit of gold spraypaint in the center of the stem, and add a gold faux poinsettia to a hair elastic to tie a crimson satin napkin (extra points for adding some gold beading to the edges!)


No. 4: Use a square silver beaded placemat on the bottom, stacked with 3 silver square plates atop. Add a sprayed-on chrome bottom to the glasses as in No. 2, a string of silver ball ornaments in the center, and use a silver tassel from the upholstery section in the craft store to tie around plain white napkins.

No. 5: Use a flower-shaped placemat on the bottom (paint with a nickel-colored fabric paint if it’s not quite the right color), and stack 2 gold plates and a gold bowl in the center, filled with gold-colored ball ornaments. Use plain stemware, silver chiffon napkins, and a beaded napkin ring (using barrel-shaped clear glass beads on silver ball-end headpins).

No. 6: From bottom to top: a gold beaded square placemat, 2 silver square plates, 1 crystal flower-shaped tealight candleholder + telight candle. Add stemware with the centers painted gold (as in No. 3), a silver chiffon napkin, and a spiky-looking napkin ring DIY’d with gold seed beeds strung on to short lengths of jewelry wire that are twisted together in the center.


No. 7: Use a red charger, 2 white octagonal plates, and an octagonal bowl. Add some crimson plums, pomegranates, and/or berries (faux is fine too!), gold-painted stemware, a crimson satin napkin with gold beading at the edges, and a simple gold-and-crimson napkin ring (which you could DIY by spray-painting curtain rings).

No. 8: Gold sequined placemats could be made just by cutting up a piece of sequin fabric and hemming with stick-on hem tape if necessary ($18 a yard will get you more placemats than the $119.80 at Z Gallerie will!). Then add 3 square silver plates, a faux white grape cluster (spray paint something from the craft store floral section if you can’t find the right kind), stemware with the centers painted silver, and a silver pleated satin napkin (you can buy pre-pleated fabric from the fabric store, usually in the formal-wear section). A plain gold-and-white napkin ring finishes everything off.

No. 9: Use a faux white alligator placemat (like textured scrapbooking paper cut into a square, glued onto a piece of cardboard). Top it off with 3 white octagonal plates and 1 bowl, with a green disco ball ornament in the center. Add a green goblet and a green satin napkin with gold beading at the edges, along with a gold-and-white napkin ring.

Here’s to a Happy Holiday Table!


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3 Free Digital DIY Magazines to Inspire Your Handmade Holiday

diyholidaymagazines Hello lovelies! Have you noticed that as of late there have been some FABULOUS DIY-themed crafty digital magazines to peruse while getting into the holiday spirit? No? Well, here are a couple of my favorites – I just can’t stop flipping through them (you may see some of your favorite DIY’ers and their projects featured)…and best of all, they’re completely FREE! Clicky click through the links to read…

Damask Lovetoile_damasklove

Toile: A DamaskLove Holiday Publication


The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY

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A Homemade Holiday

Hope you have a Happy Handmade Holiday!


Create Your Own DIY Holiday Gift Bracelet with Persona

personabangle_1 Lately it seems that beaded bangle bracelets have gone completely DIY, with companies offering a variety of different beads and charms to completely customize the look of the bangles to the wearer’s identity. Each charm can be something meaningful or commemorative for your recipient, and with a number of beautiful and semi-precious options the resultant bracelet can become a timeless family heirloom. Persona is one such company that offers the choose-your-own-charm option for bracelets, and they kindly sent me a bangle with 2 beads and a charm to review.personabangle_2

The bracelet arrived in a lovely jewelry box inside its own sleeve, along with a soft jewelry pouch, silver polishing cloth, small gift bag, and even some folded tissue paper in case you might want to present it to someone inside the gift bag. It’s an incredibly thoughtful array of packaging and needed items for the long-term care of the bracelet, which is much appreciated.personabangle_4

This particular Bangle from the collection is rhodium-plated, and has easy-open swivel ends. They also included a couple beads and a charm for decoration. From left to right: Crystal Cove bead from the Celestial Collection, Tiger Tooth from the Highland Collection, Lucite Beehive bead from the Celestial Collection.personabangle_3

The jewelry is a bright, non-tarnishing silver – and I love that the bangle has adjustable stopper beads to prevent all the charms from sliding around (space them close together or far apart, however you want them!). It is very lightweight, though – and barely feels like I’m wearing anything (great for bracelet stacking purposes!) The charms are incredibly detailed (the tooth charm is my fave!) and I like how they look edgy and modern (as opposed to stuffy and outdated like some other brands I’ve seen).

For someone like me, who loves black, silver, and sparkles and things with an edge, these beads and charm are perfect for my personality. But what if that’s not your style?

The great thing about the Persona collection is that you can totally customize the look of the bracelets no matter what your style. If you like pinks and baroque styling, then beads from the Versailles collection might entice you. If you prefer neutrals and black, the Highland Collection might speak to you. And if sparkles are your thing, then go for the Celestial collection! You can choose Zodiac beads, affirmation beads, crystal beads, beads with Swarovski rhinestones, Italian glass beads, and marcasite beads, a well as precious metal beads of silver and gold. They also have a number of different bracelet styles so you can customize the base of your arm adornment too. In other words, you have complete control!
Check out the graphic below for a quick how-to:

HowTo-Holiday-FullLengthCorrectIf you’re looking for that perfect gift for a special someone, you could make it truly unique to that person with your choice of beads and bracelets.

Check out Persona


FTC Disclosure: I was gifted a bangle, 2 beads, and a charm from Persona for review purposes. The opinions above are my own. I have received no compensation for this post. For my full Disclosure Policy, click here.

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