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DIY Illustrated Wrapping Paper Inspired by Glade Under the Mistletoe

Part of the wonderful anticipation that leads up the Christmas holiday is buying (or DIY’ing!) your holiday gifts, wrapping them with fun, festive paper and ribbon to conceal what’s inside, and arranging them under the tree. If you’re in a pinch and need to wrap something last minute, or want to add a little DIY […]

Happy Holidays from Me and Chic Steals!

Yes, lovely readers, it is that time of year again: where I take a little break from the blogosphere in order to spend time with my dear family. Please allow me to wish you all the very merriest of holidays – and see you all on the flipside! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the […]

Sweater Yourself and Host a Festive DIY Holiday Sweater Party: Guide from Goodwill

With the holidays in full swing, it’s that time of year when holiday sweaters abound. Goodwill has partnered with Ad Council to produce a couple of cool tools to help celebrate that sweater-y time with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor about the (sometimes) questionable and ubiquitous HIDEOUS CHRISTMAS SWEATER. Using their Sweater Yourself App, you […]

9 DIY Place Settings for Your Holiday Table Inspired by ZGallerie

The holidays are upon us – and it’s time to think about dressing up one’s festive table: pairing dishes, napkins, glasses, and accessories to create the perfect backdrop for your feast. Though I LOVE Z Gallerie as an amazing source of inspiration for the holiday table, most of the time I’m willing to plunk down […]

3 Free Digital DIY Magazines to Inspire Your Handmade Holiday

Hello lovelies! Have you noticed that as of late there have been some FABULOUS DIY-themed crafty digital magazines to peruse while getting into the holiday spirit? No? Well, here are a couple of my favorites – I just can’t stop flipping through them (you may see some of your favorite DIY’ers and their projects featured)…and […]

Create Your Own DIY Holiday Gift Bracelet with Persona

Lately it seems that beaded bangle bracelets have gone completely DIY, with companies offering a variety of different beads and charms to completely customize the look of the bangles to the wearer’s identity. Each charm can be something meaningful or commemorative for your recipient, and with a number of beautiful and semi-precious options the resultant […]

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