Alteration 101: How to Make a T-Shirt Dress Bigger


Alteration 101: How to Make a T Shirt Dress BiggerHello all!

I apologize for my week-long absence…things have been just crazy with Lil Tot going back to school and getting back into the school routine. And I have an announcement to make soon – can’t wait to share!

Alteration 101: How to Make a T Shirt Dress BiggerI snapped up a Stylestalker Space Jam T-shirt style dress from Shopbop in February – I just couldn’t pass up the cool pattern on it. (All it needs is a kitten shooting rainbows out of its eyes and then its the perfect Dark Side of the Moon-style CD album artwork. Or something like that.)       Alteration 101: How to Make a T Shirt Dress Bigger Unfortunately it was the last dress left and at a size 4 it was a little too tight here and there on me (at the time in February). The mantra I live by:

So I went about to alter it to be a little more skimming, and here’s how you could do the same to a straight-shaped dress that just needs a little extra something:

You Need: (more…)

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Chic For the Week – 4


Chic For the Week   4Welcome to another installment of Chic for the Week, where I share a couple shopping picks that have been on my mind lately.

How is everyone’s Labor Day Weekend going?

I am taking this long, lazy weekend to get caught up on household chores and repairs (we have a blind that fell off a high window about 20 feet off the ground, and a closet door that fell off its hinges – seriously, what’s with everything falling off lately??)…and spend some fun time with Lil Tot.

Today is the Oregon State Fair and we are going with a friend to ride ourselves sick on the Round Up and Scrambler. LOVE the Scrambler – it brings back my favorite childhood memories.

I want to keep things cool, casual and yet a little bit edgy this weekend. Here are a couple items I feel need to be added to my closet stat:

1. This Feeling Spine Tank is cool and relaxed; love the rocker-vibe it has too it. (I actually own a similar piece from Sauce I got a couple years ago, and it’s still one of my faves.)

2. Have you ever discovered the PERFECT pair of ripped-up, distressed jeans…and been completely distressed the first time you wash them and the denim rips to shreds? It’s a pet peeve of mine, since it renders your jeans ripped even further every time you try to clean them…and eventually shortens their lifespan. What I’ve just discovered about Blank Denim (and I can’t get enough of it!!) is that they patch their jeans with same-colored denim under the rips to prevent your jeans falling apart in the wash. (Plus they prevent embarrassing skin showing; you can wear these jeans to more conservative places without wondering if the rips are just revealing a bit too much.) I LOVE this extra design detail, and these Distressed Boyfriend Jeans are my new favorites.

3. Heading to the fair means I have to keep all my stuff with me, even when upside down on the Tower of Terror. This New Look XHatch Formal Backpack will keep all my things safe (and looking oh-so-chic as well!). Also, just today at, you can get 75% off sale items + another 10% off with code HAVE10. (Ends 3 AM EST tomorrow morning)

4. These Y.R.U. Qloud Keeper sneaks are super-unique with the Lucite platform, and maybe they’re not totally down-to-eart and relaxed, but boy do I want to try these out.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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Back to School with Darby Smart DIY Kits


Back to School with Darby Smart DIY KitsThe time to return back to school is upon us – and Darby Smart has some fun back-to-school DIY kits that will get you set for another year of academic success. How about a:

Top row: Leather Tassel Keychain  /  Scrabble Tile Mousepad  /  Leather Infinity Scarf

Middle row: Cross Stitch Tote  /  Build a Clock

Bottom row: Gold Statement Stack of Bracelets  /  Studded Cobalt Clutch  /  Painted Bamboo Phone Case

And my DIY Agate Keepsake Box Kit is also still available!

Back to School with Darby Smart DIY Kits

Check Out All the Fun DIY Kits from Darby Smart Here

And Happy Back to School!!


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Outfit 8.26.14: Even Longer-Awaited Interview Outfit


Outfit 8.26.14: Even Longer Awaited Interview Outfit

Sharp-shouldered short-sleeve jacket: Forever 21 (similar here). Chain choker with rhinestones: Forever 21 (similar hereOutfit 8.26.14: Even Longer Awaited Interview Outfit). Hashtag t-shirt: 2KUHL. Silver cube ring: Karmaloop (similar here). Gray Watch with pink chevron face: Modify Watches. Silver wrapped quartz bangle: DIY (tutorial here). Foldover stone leather handbag: Gorjana (sold out, similar here, use DEALS for an extra 20% off; and here). Laser cut pencil skirt: Re:Named. Suede Laney wrap heels: Joe’s Jeans.

Outfit 8.26.14: Even Longer Awaited Interview OutfitI’ve been applying to jobs lately. Full-time, part-time, whatever seems a good match for me. Still working on my blog, still working on making videos, but do need to supplement out of necessity now. So I’ve been applying since May, and finally, finally got a call about coming in on an interview. (more…)

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Take a Free Mini-Crafting Class with Craftsy!


Take a Free Mini Crafting Class with Craftsy!Craftsy is an online destination for craft-based classes and video tutorials that teach you real-world skills…all in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Ranging in price from $14.99 – $39.99, these classes cover sewing, knitting, cake decorating, quilting, gardening, and much, much more.

If you’re not ready to sign up for the full Craftsy experience, you can watch a mini-class, totally FREE. Here are a couple that I’d recommend for those essential DIY skills:

Take a Free Mini Crafting Class with Craftsy!

Sew Ready: Machine Basics  /  Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch  /  Micro Torch Basics

Take a Free Mini Crafting Class with Craftsy!

Amazing Crochet Textures  /  Mastering Zipper Techniques  /  Bag-Making Basics: Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag

Watch any of the above for free, with no obligation.

Check out all of Craftsy’s Free Mini-Classes!

Happy DIY’ing!

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Video: Ride Circa


Hello all!

I apologize for my absence from posting (a lot of things have been going on lately), but I wanted to share with you this video that we just produced for the Portland-based bicycle company, Circa Cycles.

Though my fledgling video and media production company, Uncommon Era, can produce fashion-oriented commercials and promotional videos, we can also make crowdfunding videos showcasing new and innovative products. Which the bikes from Circa Cycles definitely are!

Check out the video above – and then see how they’re doing with their Crowd Supply funding campaign (which still has 38 days to go). I have my fingers crossed that they will be fully funded by campaign’s close!

Live local and Ride Circa!


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DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom Makeover


DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverFor the past couple months, I’ve turned my attention from clothing and accessory DIY’s to home DIY’s. I’ve felt like I was entering a new phase stylistically, and some areas of our house were still frozen in time – almost exactly the same as they were when we first moved in (now 6 years ago!!). One area was our downstairs bathroom.

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverStraight off of the kitchen and next to the garage door, this is the bathroom that is one of the first things you see when you come in from the garage – and that people visiting our home will always use. It was a pastel mint color with a mid-90’s-style pastel lavender-and-mint wallpaper border. DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverThe previous owners of this house LOVED lavender and pastel mint – the entire outside of the house and the master bath were lavender, and the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and bedroom were pastel mint. Though I don’t mind either of those colors in clothing (some clothing), the color scheme felt a little dated – and completely NOT us. However, after buying the house in February 2008, I went through a phase of painting Lil Tot’s room…then the kitchen…and then I think Hub got tired of constantly living amongst plastic dropcloths and paint cans and told me to stop.DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverSo this bathroom lingered for a long time, untouched. DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverI purchased a Monet poster and a faux orchid thingy from Target to deck it out, for the sole reason that both items matched the color scheme. But I HATED this bathroom, and vowed to eventually do something about it.

In January of this year I finally decided: I was going to go modern, with gray and white and stark, raving mad bright orange. I wanted to go bold and cool and mix patterns and push myself out of my comfort zone. And after much browsing on Pinterest and design/home decor blogs, I finally took the plunge.

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverFirst, I painted the main wall facing the door white (Miller – straight out of the can eggshell-finish white!!). Once dry, I taped off my stripes, and added a contrasting gray stripe down with the help of this tutorial. (Thanks, Jen!) Then I painted 3 walls the same gray (Glidden Pebble, in case anyone is wondering) in a satin finish (for easy cleaning – important in a bathroom!). DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverOne afternoon I handed Lil Tot 4 colors of coordinating gray and orange paint (ignoring his pleas for “Blue! Blue!”) and asked him to paint me a picture on a 24″ x 24″ canvas I’d gotten from Michael’s. At first he was grumpy, but then got into it. After about 30 minutes or so, he was upset that his painting was awful. I said leave it for a day, and the next day try again. And lo and behold, the next day we got out the paints again, and I encouraged him to add more layers of paint over top the parts he didn’t like. And what do you know? He ended up creating a beautiful, personal piece of art that I just love, and am so proud to hang in our house. Plus, he was so proud of himself for painting something he really liked and not giving up the first time around. (To me, it looks like a police car spinning its wheels in the snow…but it could be anything, really.) Seriously, who needs Monet??!DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverThen I found the perfect mirror to replace that hideous mirror at Target. A friend and I pried the builders’ mirror off following this tutorial, with the help of a short crowbar from Home Depot ($11!) it came off easily.

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverInspired by this pin, I decided to make some washi tape gemstones on the wall. I bought some orange and grey-striped tape from Michael’s (the white was actually mat-mounting art tape from Dick Blick’s), and made some faceted shapes on the walls. (I really wanted to buy these wall decals – but just couldn’t afford them.:-(

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverWe had the soap and lotion dispensers (Molton Brown White Mulberry, a Christmas gift from years ago…and if you can find this scent on Ebay I highly, highly recommend it!!), so I placed them on a little striped tray from Target. (Tray was bought around Christmas-time, and I haven’t seen it since the Spring at Target, sorry.)DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverThe ugly dust-collecting orchid got the boot, and was replaced with what was actually the Ace ceramic hurricane from ZGallerie. (Now on sale for $7.99, folks!) Inside I placed a clear glass vase I had for filling with flowers. Since the hurricane is open, I could also use a colored vase inside and have it peek through!

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverThe books are Hub’s manga. I absolutely loathe having books in the bathroom – I think it ruins the books due to moisture and ugh! other bacteria floating around – plus, it looks super-tacky. But he loves reading them while doing his business (and leaving them all over the counter), so I just became the willow, bent, and covered his favorites in handmade Nepalese Lokta Bean paper and orange book cloth, both purchased from The Paper Source. DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverBook-covering tutorial is here.DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom Makeover

I added a lattice-pattern candle from HomeGoods that I just love – smells like lemongrass! – and a homemade baking soda deodorizer in a jar.

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverI created that following this tutorial, using baking soda and a couple drops of essential oils (about 2/3 what I put in was Eternal Essence Clean CottonDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom Makeover, and the remaining 1/3 Tangerine essential oil). I can’t recommend the Clean Cotton scent enough – it’s just amaaaazing!!!DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverI used an old jam jar, and replaced the lid with a piece of orange cardstock I painted a pattern on with white paint, then punched holes into. If you feel the bathroom is stinky, just shake thejar from side to side holding it above where the smell is originating – and poof! Gone. No nasty chemicals, no cloying, overpowering scents. Beautiful.

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverThe toilet paper holder got moved to the right utilizing a pivoting design…the previous owners must have been left-handed since all the toilet paper holders in our house are on the left side of the toilets! (With hastily-patched screw holes in the walls to the right of the toilets. DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom Makeover I also got a matching towel ring for the wall next to the sink so Lil Tot stops dripping water all over the floor after washing his hands. And I replaced the cabinet pulls with silver hexagonal ones from the Home Depot.

DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverAnd finally, towels: picked these two grey-and-white patterned ones at TJ Maxx, and I just love the geometric pattern on them. Perfect for our little sanctuary!
DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverDIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverEvery time I look at this room, I can’t help but smile. It’s so perfect. I want to spend all day in there. Well, not quite all day…. (Maybe that’s weird to share with the Internet…?)

But at least it’s not an eyesore and I’m no longer embarrassed when any guest visiting our house asks to use the bathroom. Yay for small comforts!
DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom MakeoverAnd one last time, BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below)…DIY Geometric Modern Bathroom Makeover

What do you think? Would you have been able to go with a pop of bold color in such a small space? Or stick to muted pastels?


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