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What Happened to Threadbanger Pt. 2: Question

from so what happened to meg, corrine and rob. they got fired? you never told us what happened. the new threadbanger is boring. Sorry – I thought I answered that here: Rob left to work on his own stuff awhile ago. I don’t know the specifics of Meg’s and Corinne’s interactions with the […]

What Happened to Threadbanger: Question

from do you have any idea why corinne, rob, and meg stopped making videos for threadbanger? I know it was not any of their decisions to leave – the choice was not theirs to make.  (Though Rob as far as I know did decide to leave the show earlier to work on his […]

DIY: Laptop Sleeve from Leather Jacket

As you may recall from a previous project I posted, we still have the rest of the thrifted leather jacket leftover to something fantastic with!  So with my Hubby’s birthday quickly approaching, I decided to make him a homemade sleeve for his laptop computer.  Sure you can buy one from the store – and I […]

Have a DIY Mother’s Day! Flowers n Jars Round-Up

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, probably the biggest question on everyone’s mind is what to get for the mother in their lives.  DIY a lovely gift for a Mom of any age – using fabric and glass, two of the best materials known to the modern gal.  Here’s an internet roundup of some […]

How to Make a Pair of Boot-Covers from a Leather Jacket

After spotting this editorial in Lucky Magazine back in winter, I decided I wanted a foldover-style boot too!  So chic – and it visually slims up your legs, working in both casual and more edgy ensembles.  But since I always make instead of buying new unless I absolutely must, I’m not going to plonk down […]

How to Make a Ruffled Top from a Men’s Shirt

Tomorrow being Administrative Professionals’ Day I wanted to create something that’s fashionable yet doesn’t scream “look at me!” (and is totally appropo for the office!).  With Earth Day just around the corner as well, what could be more eco than upcycling?  Steal a button-down from your guy’s closet and give it a feminine makeover…that will […]

How To Make a Knotted Cord Belt

Summer is almost upon is, and style inspired by the African continent is in!  Bold prints, bright colors, beads, and lacing: we’re seeing it on the runways and on fashionable girls on the street.  Create this knotted belt out of satin cord and add jewelry findings for a fashion-forward Moroccan infusion of style!  (The lacing […]

How to Make a Button-Embellished Top

 Inspired by the original DIY’er, Martin Margiela, I’ve dipped into my overflowing stash of mismatched buttons to craft a fabulously avant-garde-style t-shirt.  The shirt I used was actually one of my husband’s that he discarded due to a couple tiny stains on the front.  But that’s what DIY’s for!  Cover up stains, patching, pilling, or […]

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