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Video: John Cleese On Creativity! Need a creative pick-me-up or a little dose of inspirational wisdom?  I could watch this video of John Cleese giving a talk on creativity at Video Arts.  It’s an old video but really, amazingly inspiring, and John Cleese is hands-down my all-time favorite comedian, so that makes it doubly perfect. It’s 30+ minutes long, [...]

2012: The Year in Review for Chic Steals

Every year on New Year’s Eve I republish a list of all my DIY’s that I shared on this blog during the past year.  This time around, I decided to do a Best Of list as well, to share some of my favorite content from this past year with you: How Do You Maintain Your [...]

Slowing It Down

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! A silly photo from work last week; I’m just playing on the photography cyc.  Man, does it need to be re-painted!! I have had a completely perfect holiday – and all because Lil Tot has been sick with a cold since last Sunday.  Which sounds completely horrible to write. [...]

3 Reaons Why Your DIYs Are FAILS: The Spore Sweater Resurrected

As some of you may recall, in early Spring this year I attempted to DIY a puffball sweater I saw in Vivi Magazine. This is what I was trying to dupe. This is what I ended up with. Why did it happen? Well, I chose my materials badly.  I figured this was just a pompon [...]

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