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Introducing The Stories App – Upload a Holiday DIY and Win a Michael’s Gift Card

I’ve partnered with that produces this cool new application called “Stories.”  It’s an application that allows users to upload their own photos and write a “story” about the photos, vote on photos you like, and share content.  Kind of like Pinterest but with more space for adding information, and space for different angles or […]

Announcement: Chic Steals is Disappearing

from your Google Friend Connect. Yes, friends, note that blue box in my right-hand sidebar with pictures of all your lovely faces in it… it is disappearing for good. Google has announced that they are eliminating products and services they feel are not profitable successful enough for them.  And they’ve determined that the Google Friend […]

Growing Leather…from Bacteria?

I was floored by this video of Suzzanne Lee’s efforts into creating textiles utilizing bacterial cellulose (formed by fermentation in kombucha tea).  Yup, “fabric” – well, more like leather – from BACTERIA. What an amazing step forward in technology – I’m super-interested to see where this innovation will go once more R&D labs get ahold […]

Try on Dresses Online: Miss Selfridge's Magic Mirror is Here!

 I was so impressed with this innovation that I had to share with all of you. I never thought I would see the day that one could try on clothing “virtually”…but it’s here. Miss Selfridge has implemented an online application where you can snap a photo of yourself and overlay their clothing onto your photo…all […]

DIY: Laptop Sleeve from Leather Jacket

As you may recall from a previous project I posted, we still have the rest of the thrifted leather jacket leftover to something fantastic with!  So with my Hubby’s birthday quickly approaching, I decided to make him a homemade sleeve for his laptop computer.  Sure you can buy one from the store – and I […]

The Future of Shopping?

I’ve just wasted 3 hours internet surfing and watching dumb stuff on (Just an FYI, the site does feature some NSFW videos/photos, and NC-17 language, so be forewarned. Plus – it’s a huge time sink, as I’ve discovered.) From a cat playing a piano concerto to a hidden rude gesture in Back to the […]

Add a Splash of Color to the Web With Google Chrome’s New Artist Themes

Vivienne Westwood Google Chrome Web Browser Theme Now I’m definitely not a “Techie” – in fact, I am pretty much as anti-technology as you can get (as I sit here scratching this blog post out on my handy-dandy chalk and slate v. 2.0.). But I LOVE artist collaborations and technology that doesn’t feel too geeky…and […]

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