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How To: DIY Ballroom Skirt…from a Shower Curtain

“Make the workmanship surpass the materials.” -Ovid I absolutely love using unconventional materials in my DIY’s. To me, any and everything could be used for a wearable – and I never hesitate to question “Could I use that?” if I find a texture, shape, or pattern interesting. Anywhere, even the Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or garage […]

DIY Mini-Skirt Inspiration from Chictopia

I love lurking on street-style blogs for many reasons, one of which is the MAJOR DIY inspo I can find there. Looking at the variety of other people’s outfits always gets my creativity wheels a-churning, thinking “oh, I could do this to a skirt I already have!” or “use an applique and you’d be able […]

Alexander Wang Ruffled Skirt…Found in Forever21???

Forever 21 Raw Edge Tier Skirt ($24.80) (from…Buy a metal-coil non-separating black zipper from a sewing supply store… for a whole lot less. I’m onto you, Forever21!  You thought if you waited a year and a half, no one would notice you’ve knocked off Alexander Wang’s skirt (shown above, from the Lucky Magazine August […]

DIY: The Easiest Party Skirt To Make…Ever

Okay, maybe not the easiest skirt in the history of the world…but pretty darn simple nonetheless! It took me about an hour and a half to make – tops! And it’s a simple, sweet party skirt that also works great for the everyday. You Need:*1 yd. of medium to heavy-weight satin, sateen, satin peau, or […]

Tie-Dye Denim Mini Using Tulip Fabric Dye…for $12.

Tie-dyed denim is ba-a-aaack this season (sure you probably thought you’d never see the day) but it’s a blotchy, abstract dye that’s all over the runways…and all over celebs and fashionistas in the know. (And what I got knocked for in Challenge #1 in America’s Most Stylish Blogger competition. Whatever! If you haven’t noticed this […]