03.10.12 Outfit: Portland Bloggers Meetup and Creamy, Dreamy Layers


Pink Blazer: Zara (similar here). Spike Beaded Chain Choker Necklace: DIY (tutorial here). Cone Stud Earrings: Forever 21. Tiered Raw Silk Tunic: ShopAKIRA (similar here or here). Studded Purse: Nicole Lee (old – similar here and here). Bear Keychain Charm: ?. Beaded Stretch Bracelets: DIY. Spike-End Bangle: DIY (tutorial here).  Black Jeggings: UNIQLO. Gold-Capped Ballet Flats: Sole Society (similar here and here).

pdxbloggers-4Backtracking a bit to share what I wore to the March Portland Bloggers’ Meetup Event “Strike a Pose” 2 Sundays ago.  (I still need to post photos from that super-fun day…which I will…soon….) (more…)

Outfit 5.25.12: Pro Photoshoot! and a Japanese Kimono Cape Coat

Draped Poly Kimono-Sleeve Jacket: SLY

Mismatched rhinestone stud earrings: bought in Japan

Faux enamel necklace: handmade by me

“To Be Green is To Be Serene” slogan t-shirt; Hinged Silver Cuff: Forever 21

Slap Watch: ?

Upcycled Padded Leather Stud Zip Clutch: DIY (tutorial for body of clutch here; added zipper following this tutorial here)

Ripped Bean Pole Jeans: Insight Denim (similar here)

Perforated Wedge Heels: Qupid

I had the great pleasure to shoot with my friend Dave Lim the other day – and he’s a really amazing photographer.


DIY Ideas from Anthropologie November 2011 Catalog

Oh, Anthro – such a source for DIY inspiration, as always!  Though Alicia from Dismount Creative was similarly inspired by the latest catalog, I wanted to post a few more things that could be DIY’d straight out of the pages of Anthropologie’s most recent offerings.  And besides, who wants to pay $500 for a sweater?  (Or $2,175 for a box set of books, for that matter??…marked down to a mere $1400 on the website, I now note.)

Use neon fabric paint and masking tape to liven up a bland clutch with a bright stripe.

Add candy-colored lace edging to a neutral cardigan for a Jason Wu-inspired feel.

Easily DIY those boots by gluing some printed fabric onto the shafts of some vintage boots.  And the earrings?  Snake chain on french hooks, with clipped feathers hanging off the bottom.  (Use a glue-in cord end to connect the feathers to the chain.)

Pretty up a chunky cropped sweater with hand-sewn clusters of crystals.

DIY some party booties with a handful of tulle and some sparkly beads.

DIY a formed bangle with some white Polyshrink plastic, forming the curve while still warm and wearing oven mitts.

Make a bustier extra-special with the addition of velvet ribbon and gold nailheads.

Make slippers all your own by hand-sewing vintage keys or buttons onto the toes.

Dress up your favorite mocs with the addition of some pretty trims, tied in a bow.


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Me at Portland Fashion Week

Courtesy of Fred Joe.

This photo had me ROFL’ing.  LOVE the guy’s expression in the foreground!  (Then, my second thought: I look exhausted.)

What a great photo!  Thanks so much, Fred – you’re amazing!

Check out Fred’s gallery of photos from Portland Fashion Week (including some of Seth Aaron and Jay Nicolas Sario).  He’s such a talented photographer – I could only dream of being even half as good.


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Using Publications' Photos on Your Blog: Formspring.me Question

from formspring.me:
Carly – I can’t get thru the Conde Nast legal jargon and you seem quite knowledgable; How can we use pics from major publications? What are the limits? Can I use a pic from InStyle or Vogue to compare to a pic of one of my outfits? Answer please, oh blog
Hi there!
As far as I know, using photos from Style.com or wherever on your own personal blog is technically not completely ok. But what else are you to do? I (and many websites like mine, including those with much more traffic) simply provide a credit and a linkback for the photo (i.e., photo by Dmitris Kambouris, Style.com). Sometimes when I know the photo is probably a stock photo but I found it on another website who DIDN’T credit it, I’ll just write “img source” and link the word “source” to the website I found it. Considering it’s your own personal blog, you should probably also make a note at the bottom that “all images that are not mine are credited and if someone has a problem with me using them, then please contact me right away and I’ll remove them” sort of thing. If you run a publication of some sort (like an online magazine, for instance), then you have to secure rights to use the photo and pay ( usually a pretty hefty fee). Conde Nast doesn’t really seem to care if you’re crediting where appropriate and just displaying them on your personal blog, though they *may* contact you at some point. In almost 3 years of posting articles and images to the internet, I have never heard from them, but I am not lawyer and I am not fully aware of all the legalities involved. There is an interesting article (and accompanying discussion) relating to this issue on Independent Fashion Blogs here:

It offers some great links to photos you CAN use without worry (i.e., Creative Commons-licensed).
Hope that helps and best of luck!