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DIY Ombre Summer Night Sky Pedicure with Julep

Hello friends! Here’s an ombre nail art idea for you today to try out the next time you’re painting your nails. I was wanting to update my pedi with something reminiscent of warm, starry night skies – which are so much more gorgeous in Summer. While everyone else is doing pastels or neons this season, […]

DIY Gold-Speckled Easter Egg Nails

Since Easter is coming up soon, I was collecting some images of inspiring egg decoration. I landed upon this, and began thinking…what about doing this to your nails? So I did. And it turned out amaaaaaazing. (Who doesn’t love chic gold leaf, right??!) Here’s how to do it too: You Need:

DIY Metallic-Tipped Nail Art: How to Extend the Life Of Any Manicure 2

When nail polish starts chipping there are only a few options for you: take it all off, swipe another coat of same-colored polish on to try to hide it, or try a contrasting color layered over top. I’m very much a contrasting-color sort-of-person since I love incorporating different textures and colors into my mani. One […]

DIY Easy Ombre Sherbet Nail Art

As a child I was always drawn to the rainbow sherbet at the ice cream shop in my little town…and loved to watch all the colors melt together in my tiny paper cup into a rainbow lava flow of epic proportions (read: icky orangey-brown). I’ve always had a thing for ombre colors (and sherbet, LOL), […]

November Obsession: Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art

Even with Halloween over (and the subsequent letdown I always feel come the month of November), I still am hankering for something decorative and over-the-top, even in a small way.  Revlon’s Nail Polish Duos in their Moon Candy Collection (launched a few months ago, I know I’m late to the bandwagon) supply that perfect blend […]

Finally! A Realistic Hologram/Holographic Nail Polish Manicure!

I’ve been on the search for a true-to-form holographic nail polish like a reincarnation straight out of the 80’s… just like those shiny Rainbow Brite stickers or a heavy-duty Trapper Keeper and its accompanying folders.  (Are any other children of the 80’s with me on this??!) But most nail polishes straight out of the bottle […]

Elegantly Understated Half-Moon Manicure: Greige Neutrals

Recently I’ve been playing around with the half-moon manicure.  Though I’ve tried it free-hand (with an uber-steady hand) before with middling results, I found that using those sticker color dots from the office supply store work just perfectly for this purpose.  (I’m sure they’re useful for other things besides fancy nail art manicures…but I haven’t […]

A Fortuitous Sephora Manicure: Summer Colors

from thumb: Nails inc. Fishnet Magnetic Polish in Spitalfields, nails inc. Fishnet Magnetic Polish in Piccadilly, Nails Inc. Neon Nail Polish in Westbourne Grove, Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Gamma, Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Nomad I was trying on a variety of nail polishes at Sephora today…and it just so happened that I liked the look […]

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