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DIY Wrapped Mexican Bracelets with TRENDiY Art – and Giveaway!

0.diymexicanbracelets_introphotoThe brand-new Canadian line, TRENDiY Art, was recently kind enough to send me one of their fun DIY kits to review.

TRENDiY Art is a new line of art and craft activities for tweens and teens, and is all about making cool jewelry and fashionable accessories. They provide not only all the materials to make these projects in the kits, but also a full-length fashion magazine with styling ideas and DIY possibilities. trendiymag_1 trendiymag_2 trendiymag_3 trendiymag_4I decided to open up the Mexican Bracelets kit and try my hand at some embroidery thread-wrapped bracelets. diymexicanbracelets_kitThey were super-easy to make and a cute, colorful addition to my stack of arm adornment. Here’s how to make them:

You Need:

diymexicanbracelets_kit3TRENDiY Art Mexican Bracelets Kit  /  scissors

How To:

diymexicanbracelets_kit2 diymexicanbracelets_step1 1. Start by double-knotting one thread around your bangle.

2. Wrap the thread around multiple times.

diymexicanbracelets_step23. Change color by tying a new thread to the old one with a double knot, then cutting off the old thread.

4. Wrap the second color around, covering up the end of the old color and the end of the new color.

5. Continue all the way around, until you reach the beginning of your wrapping.

6. Add a third contrasting color wrapped around your base colors for texture.

7. When done, tie your final thread to the tail of the thread you tied on in the beginning, and snip all extra ends.

diymexicanbracelets_done1You can use 2 or 3 different colors rolled together for different looks, switch up the colors frequently, or tie many colors loosely around (even finishing your bracelet with a handmade tassel!) Plus you can hand-sew on some crystals, or even thread on some beads as you wrap for a totally different look.

diymexicanbracelets_done2 Make it your own, make it colorful, and make it fun!


These kits make it very easy to create your own DIY projects since they come pre-stocked with everything you need. Totally on-trend and fun, TRENDiY Art kits are a great gift or engaging activity for any avid DIY’er in your life.

Currently only available in the UK, you can get your hands on 3 of these exclusive kits by entering the giveaway below!


One lucky reader will win 3 TRENDiY Art Kits! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!



FTC Disclosure: I was sent 4 DIY kits to review from TRENDiY Art. I have received no other compensation for this post. The above opinions are my own. To read my full Disclosure Policy, click here.

DIY Free People Wrapped Quartz Bangle

0.diyquartzwrapbangle_introphotoHello again, friends! I just couldn’t wait to share this chic and easy bangle bracelet project with all of you.

diyquartzwrapbangle_inspirationI am always drawn to rough, organic crystals and gemstones rather than perfectly-faceted pieces, and much of the jewelry available at Free People satisfies that sparkle-lust. I fell in love with this Crystal Flame Cuff by Vega Jewelry, but the $258 price tag was much more than I could afford. I realized I could easily make the same kind of look for a steal – hence this project. (And it’s so, so quick to whip up!!) Here’s how I made my newest FAVORITE bracelet:

You Need*: (more…)

DIY Friendship Bangle Bracelets for WeHeartThis

1.diyfriendshipbangles_introphotoHello lovelies!

Today I am over on We Heart This, posting my DIY tutorial for how to make your own Mercedes Salazar-inspired DIY Friendship Bangle Bracelets. They are a super-chic adult update to the typical friendship bracelet – and look fabulous stacked together on your wrist! (A last-minute holiday gift, anyone?) Click on over to see the full tutorial!diyfriendshipbangles_done3

DIY Friendship Bangle Bracelets for WeHeartThis



DIY Spike-End Bangles: 3 Ways

0.diyspikeendbangle_introLately double-ended spike bangles are trending all over Pinterest and street-style photos: stacked with DIY friendship bracelets, pretty watches, stretchy beaded bracelets, and other metal bangles.  You could spend hundreds of dollars on even just one at Sarah Chloe or CC Skye, for example. But they’re super-easy to DIY, and the results are amazing!  Try your hand at making your own with 3 different versions in these tutorials: (more…)

Guest Post: DIY Jensen Conroy Macrame Bracelet by Samantha from Bromeliad Living

As you guys know, I’ve gone out to Japan for a month to help with a family medical crisis.  In the meantime, some very talented and very kind DIY bloggers have come to my rescue with offering up some DIY tutorials to share with all of you while I’m away!  I’m so lucky to have such incredible friends who can help out with blog content during this time.

First up, Samantha from Bromeliad Living has volunteered an amazing DIY Macrame Bracelet tutorial – perfect for Summer and all those music festivals coming up.  Or just if you like saving a hundred or so bucks in mimicking the original!!;-)  Take it away, Samantha!

Hello, I’m Samantha from Bromeliad Living, and I’m pleased to be guest posting for Carly while she is in Japan. Carly’s information-packed blog has gotten me through many DIY projects, particularly the ones that involve inscrutable things like shirt sleeves.

In addition to my personal blog, I write about DIY Fashion and DIY Home Decor for

Today’s tutorial is inspired by Jensen Conroy’s Macrame and Brass Bracelet ($129; above). My version takes a few bucks and a few minutes to make, and the result is a nice, sturdy, giftable bracelet.  Here’s how… (more…)

Guest Post: DIY Shamballa Bracelet from Katrine of Make It and Fake It

Hello lovely readers!  Today I have a wonderful talented guest poster here: Katrine from Make It and Fake It.  Though her blog is fairly new on the DIY scene, she’s been a posting a number of chic and easy tutorials that can help you get the designer look at a fraction of the cost.  And she’s been especially prolific with her bracelet tutorials – giving you a TON of DIY options to make your own pretty, bejeweled, knotted, blingy, stacked wrists full of arm candy.  Check out her tutorials for the Orange Stud Bracelet, White & Stud ArmCandy, Hair Elastic/Bracelet, and Gold Clover Bracelets and to get you started!

But she’s here today to share with you guys a never-before-shared tutorial…for a DIY Shamballa bracelet!  What’s a “Shamballa bracelet?” you ask.  Well, just read on!  Katrine, take it away!

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to be a guest here at Chic Steals! Today I’m going to share a special DIY with you all so I hope you love it as much as I do.

Have you seen the Shamballa bracelets everyone from Jay Z to Heidi Klum have been effortlessly rocking?! Well if you don’t have the thousands to spend on a black diamond real one, this is a pretty cool swap.

You will need black (or what ever colour floats your boat) cotton string, different kind of round beads and 30min of patience. Lets get started.

You cut a piece that’s long enough to go around your wrist with a couple extra inches on both sides (for the centre string), and one that’s about 4 times as long for the string you’ll be wrapping around the beads.

Tie the longer string about 4-5″ from one end of the centre string and start with “braiding” (see pic for how to) I love this technique and I use it for several of my bracelets (for different ways to use it you can check it out this tutorial here and my Orange Stud Bracelet [linked above]). How you do it is that you take the right string over the centre string, then you take the left string over the right string, under the centre string and up through the loop made by the right string (see pictures). Then you do the opposite, so the left one over the centre etc., adding your beads as you go.

The clasp is adjustable which is perfection; I hate awkward clasps that are hard to put on by yourself. For this one I just crossed the two sides of the centre string did the same “braiding” technique to lock them together.

I seal all my knots with clear nail polish, and I find that does the trick.

Add beads to each side of the string ends so they won’t slide through…and then you are ready to go!





Well, that’s it for you, readers!  Hope you liked this post, and if you’d like to see more of Katrine’s lovely creations, check out her blog below!

Make It and Fake It

Thanks Katrine, it’s been a pleasure!



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My DIYs of 2011: A Look Back

Happy New Year!!

As I do every New Year’s Eve, I planned to stay up late last night, watching old Law & Order reruns, and combing back through my blog archives to list out all the DIYs I’ve shared in the past year.  But it didn’t happen this year; what with the dog howling continuously at the noise from the neighbor’s fireworks, and my husband sleeping downstairs in hopes that his presence would calm the dog, it was not an environment conducive to getting anything done except throwing the covers over my head, plugging my ears, and trying to go to sleep.  So here I am posting all this today instead!


Woven Ribbon Sweater

Chiffon Bow Blouse

Corseted Tee

Peter Som Fabric-Embellished Cardigan

Starburst Safety Pin Blazer

3 Men’s Shirts to Convertible Skirt

Jil Sander Maxi-Skirt

Mesh Insert Sweater

1 and 2/3 yd. Easy Summer Lace Dress

Screenprinted Tree Skirt

Bead-Edged Cut-Out Top


Alexander Wang Stirrup Socks

J. Crew Flowered Neckpiece

Sequin Bow Belt

Alexander Wang Wool Glasses

Zac Posen Fruit Brooch

Marc Jacobs Colored Sunhat

Patriotic Pinwheel Corsage

Leopard T-Shirt No-Sew Scarf

Bead-and-Ribbon Fishnet Necklace

Sparkly Beaded Hairclip

Dyed Fabric Loop Scarf


Cage Cuff

Acrylic Bib Necklace

Woven Chain-and-Ribbon Earrings

Mesh Rhinestone Earrings

Gossip Girl Crochet Necklace

Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring

Bling-Bling Two-Finger Ring

Pamela Love Crystal Crescent Necklace

Ribbon-Wrapped Bracelet


Pink Leopard-Print Luggage

I Love NY Tote Bag

DIY Colorblock Bag

Glitter Zebra Clutch

Miu Miu Rhinestone-Embellished Flats

Balenciaga Cut-Out Boots

Painted Suede Heels

Glitter Faux Litas


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Manicure

Eyelash Extensions

Minx Manicure with Nail Rocks Nail Wraps

Candy Cane Nails

Sequin Nails


Hamburger Cookies

Meatloaf Cupcakes

 (46 in total!!)

If you’d like to see the full yearly compilation of my DIY’s from other years, you can also check out:

My DIY’s from 2010 (63 Tutorials)


My DIY’s from 2009 (51 Tutorials)

(some of them may be missing photos b/c of my move to WordPress last year – if you see any posts missing photos, please let me know! {Leave a comment on the post}  Thanks so much!)

So, as I raise my glass of sparkling grape juice this morning, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!  May 2012 bring even more wonderful things for everyone~



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DIY Math: Late Summer/Early Fall 2011 Trends

Nude shoe + Leather paint = Colorblock Pump

(photo: ASOS PATCHI Cylindrical Heel Platform High Shoe)


90’s-style clunky boots + Belts (glued on with Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Glue = Motorcycle Boots

(photo: Balenciaga Cut-Out Flat Boots)

White blouse (back cut away) + Lace curtain (thrifted) = Lace-Backed Blouse

(photo: PUFFY Roll-Up Sleeve Lace Back Shirt)

Shirt collar (cut off a white shirt) + Scrapbooking stickers (fixed with Aleene’s Glitter and Gem Glue) = Embellished Collar

(photo: TopShop Cream Mixed Stone Collar)

Sweatshirt + Chiffon (hand-stitched to seams, laid over front) = Mixed-Media Sweatshirt

(photo: Alexander Wang Silk-Chiffon Paneled Sweatshirt)

Black cord + Brooch (pinned in center) = Bolo Tie Necklace

(photo: Vintage Zuni Thunderbird Bolo Necklace)


Embroidery thread + Grosgrain ribbon + Bangles = Colorful Wrapped Bangles

(photo: JewelMint Garden Patch Trio)

T-strap sandal + Glitter (adhered with Mod Podge or Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond = Glittery Sandals

(photo: Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Glitter Sandal)


Happy DIY’ing!


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