DIY Chocolate Chip Cookie Macaron Coin Purse

0.diychocolatechipcookiepurse_introphotoWhile I was in Tokyo last year, I picked up another felt macaron coin purse kit. (I think I’m a little addicted!)

34.macaroncoinpurseI made a cute little half-and-half cookie macaron coin purse the year before, and within 6 hours of hanging it from my handbag, I promptly lost it somewhere on the streets of Tokyo. I did look for it, but never found it. (T _ T)

diychocolatechipcookiepurse_done1So the next time I went I intended to buy another kit and re-make the purse…except I couldn’t find the same kit again. So I bought a chocolate chip cookie version.  diychocolatechipcookiepurse_done2Here are photos of the process of making these cute little purses. You need yellow and brown felt, a thread and needle, a 5cm-long zipper, 2 pieces of stiff cardboard (like cut from a milk carton), some fiberfill stuffing, scissors, a pencil, brown eyeshadow, and a small ball chain to make these.) diychocolatechipcookiepurse_howto_pinterestHope you like it! Have fun making your own version 🙂
Happy DIY’ing!


DIY Preppy Initial Back-to-School Keychain Bag Charm

So it’s Back-to-School already – and for some it was last week, and others during the next couple weeks (my Fall semester starts Sept. 25).  Now is a time when most of us – kids, teens, the collegiate crowd, and parents all – just don’t have a lot of time and are scrambling to try and get all the much-needed school supplies, textbooks, and other items all lined up and ready to go.  (Plus it’s always hard to get back into the rhythm of things after a long Summer off.)  Once you have a spare moment, though, this initial keychain charm is super-quick to pull together…and utterly adorable for your child’s (or your own!) bag or keyring.  One part prep and the other part minimalist, this is also easy enough for even a DIY novice to accomplish.  Here’s how to move your bag’s style straight to the head of the class:

You Need: (more…)

DIY in 5: Fabric Leopard Scarf

 Fold a piece of fabric over and stitch around the edges to make a long rectangular scarf.

Earlier this month I posted some ideas how to style it, today I’m going to DIY it.  It’s DIY in 5minutes, that is.  The easiest, quickest ways to take a piece from blah to fab and update it to current trends.

Animal-prints are still BIG for Fall… and if you’re not ready to go full-on animal, you can try just adding a pop of print to your outfit.  I’ve chosen to craft a scarf – made out of fabric in just the print I chose – in order to dabble in this trend.

How To Make a Quick Fabric Scarf

You Need:
24″ (2/3 of a yard) of 60″ wide printed fabric

*sewing machine
*needle matching fabric type
*thread matching fabric
*fabric scissors
*measuring tape

The fabric in half lengthwise so you have TWO pieces that are 12″ wide by 60″ long.

The short ends of the two long pieces together.  Cut the entire fabric piece so it is either 72″ or 80″, depending on how long you want it.

The scarf in half along the super-long end, right sides together.

All around the edges, leaving the last 2″ or so unsewn.

The fabric right-side out.

Along the unsewn area.

(optional) The scarf flat to set the seams.

And voila!  A new, on-trend scarf in just the print you wanted!  (And yes, this really does take only a few minutes [though it may be closer to 10-15]…and it’s very, very easy!)

You don’t have to do leopard, of course – though I’ve made a version with leopard-printed velour and one with striped jersey.

(Sometimes I even wear them together when I’m feeling frisky!;-)

Make sure the fabric you choose is “puffy” or has some tactile sense to it; otherwise, it will stretch flat like a long, skinny scarf (which is also a great possibility!)  You can try making your scarf wider thank mine by cutting your fabric at 18″ wide (thus, folded over, it will be 9″ wide).  You can even try with faux fur (though cut your fur from the back using a craft knife and NOT a pair of scissors!)  Some fabulous options for your fabric:

Check out these picks and more at

Hope you have fun making your own easy printed scarf!
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