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DIY Galaxy Print Mini-Skirt

A couple years ago I was desperately wanting some galaxy-print fabric since clothing featuring photorealistic prints of stars was just about everywhere. But I couldn’t find any fabric sellers that sold this particular print!! So I just Did It Myself, and designed a number of fun galaxy-print fabrics on, utilizing licensed Hubble Telescope images […]

New Galaxy Fabric Swatches from Spoonflower Arrived!

I had designed some galaxy photo-print fabric last year on Spoonflower, ordered some swatches, and then sort of forgot about them.  I made a silk tank top from one of the swatches, but didn’t do much beyond that. Made with 1 fat quarter of my Red Star Field Galaxy design fabric, on Cotton Silk.  It’s […]

Sneak Preview: Launching Tomorrow

I’ve been hard at work on a little personal project that I can’t wait to share with all of you.  If everything goes well and I can finish wrapping this up…I’ll be done and launching it tomorrow. Hope you guys like it! xoxox Carly ~If you liked this post, please share it!~

New Colors for Fur Tails and Puffs Now Available in My Etsy Shop!

Yes, that’s right – I’ve added TWO new colors to the range of faux furs I stock for my tails and puffs in my Etsy store.  (And coming in the New Year…BAGS!!) So many customers have requested black fur, but I haven’t found a pure black faux fur that is as high-quality as my other […]

NEW Items in my Etsy Store! AND a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Coupon Code!

I’ve been super-busy (besides making Thanksgiving dinner, LOL!), and have also updated my Etsy with new variations of my popular faux fur accessories. NEW: Two more colors of PUFFS Two more options for CHARMS GOLD hardware option for everything (except the “Choose Your Own” styles) A smaller-sized TAIL (measuring in at 12″ long instead of […]

Finals Time for Me! What I’ve Been Working On…

I created this in record time, spending both yesterday and this morning doing it.  A 3-story Haunted House with a mummy and a Frankenstein to play with, 2 beds, a sofa, 2 ladders, an open chimney, and removable log fire.  The architecture is based off an existing piece, though I modified the shape of some […]

Dreaming of Brights for Spring 2011

Top row, from left: Rachel Roy, Ccharel, Jil Sander, Prada, Issa, Christian Dior.  Bottom Row, from left: Moschino, Mary Katrantzou, Stella McCartney.All photos from; array by me. As the Spring/Summer 2011 runways have demonstrated, big, bold splashes of color and bright, clashing prints are going to be BIG trends for this coming season. Jil […]

New Faux Fur Pieces Added to my Etsy Shop!

Speaking of Etsy… A few people have asked me about offering my faux fur tails in different colors, so I’ve spent the last several days making up new ones, in two BRAND NEW colors I just received in the mail.  One is a “fox”-like color: cream with orange-tipped fur.  The other is a “raccoon”-like color: […]

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