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Portland Saturday Market Hustle & Bustle Fashion Show Video

As some of you may know, I’ve been working part-time at a local video production company and stage rental house.  We did a promo video for the Portland Saturday Market Fashion Show (Hustle & Bustle) last month, and I wanted to share the results. I did all the titling and motion graphics for the piece, […]

Finals Time for Me! What I’ve Been Working On…

I created this in record time, spending both yesterday and this morning doing it.  A 3-story Haunted House with a mummy and a Frankenstein to play with, 2 beds, a sofa, 2 ladders, an open chimney, and removable log fire.  The architecture is based off an existing piece, though I modified the shape of some […]

Cel Art: Blast from the Past

Lion-O from Thundercats.  Clean-Up, Color Key, Hand Trace, Hand Paint.  Done from original Key Frame used in the opening sequence of the series [you know, right before he puts his sword under his eyes and goes “Thunder, thunder etc.”?], which I managed to get my hands on while in Japan.  The original drawings and cels […]