Featured on Rakuten Linkshare Blog!

rakutenblogfeatureHello all!

I just wanted to announce I’ve been featured in a little interview over on Rakuten Linkshare‘s blog. I’ve been an advertiser with Rakuten Linkshare for about 4 years now, and I always highly recommend their platform as one of the best out there in affiliate marketing. Check out the interview below and thanks so much for the team over there for the feature!

Publisher, Chic Steals, Finalist in P&G New Voices of Beauty!


My Article “Crafter’s Paradise” in Cut Out + Keep’s Snippets Magazine!

Featured in The Japan Issue (Issue #24 of CutOutandKeep.net’s online zine “Snippets) is my article Crafter’s Paradise, with a short list of some of the best craft stores in Japan, as well as mention of some interesting crafts unique to this country.

Read the Full Article Here


Thanks so much to Cat and the whole Cut Out + Keep team for including this!


P.S. It seems some of the links weren’t included in the article; you may be looking for the online shopping sites for Yuzawaya and Tokyu Hands; as well as the English Map to Nippori Fabric Town, which I’ve relinked.

P.P.S. Also, here are some Tips for Shopping at Craft Stores in Japan:

  • GO EARLY.  Most stores open around 10:00 AM (or even 11:00 AM!!), and get fairly crowded as schools let out in the afternoon.  Aisles tend to be smaller, so sometimes fighting crowds in the late afternoon/early evening can prevent you finding some treasures.
  • BRING A TAPE MEASURE.  Japan uses the metric measuring system, so if you aren’t familiar with meters and centimeters, make sure you have converted your measurements to metric prior to going, or you bring a tape measure with you so you can estimate yardage better when buying fabric.
  • KNOW THE LINGO.  Finding someone who has the English vocabulary of crafting-specific terms and tools is like searching for a unicorn.  If you don’t speak Japanese and don’t know the names of what you’re looking for, look up the words you need online before you go.  I really like  this online dictionary.  (P.S. Even if you speak very, VERY good Japanese and you don’t know the term exactly and think you can go to the store and describe what you’re looking for and the sales staff will just fill-in-the-blank helpfully, think again.  It’s a little strange, but most Japanese people are unable to supply the word in a guess-what-the-foreigner-means guessing game of words.  And even if they know what you’re talking about, they’ll usually lead you to what you want in the store, never actually supplying the word you’re grasping for.)
  • BRING A SAMPLE.  If you’re looking for something similar to something you already have (say you want to replace a broken clasp on a necklace you have), and you don’t know the exact specifics of size/type of what you need, just bring it.  The staff will usually be happy (and oftentimes, relieved) to help you find a replacement or duplicate if you have a visual sample with you.  Also, the system for designating the size of headpins, eyepins, clasps etc. is completely different from that of the U.S., so bringing a sample will help avoid confusion.
  • DON’T OPEN YOUR PURCHASE IN THE STORE.  This is true at any store in Japan.  Your bag will be taped shut at the top to prevent theft.  The person at the register may ask you if you’d like to consolidate your shopping in one bag (if you are carrying a bag or two from another store), and place all your bags into a single large bag from their store, taping the top closed in the process.  If you’re going to open it, wait until you’re outside the store; it’s just good manners.

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I’ve Been Nominated for an About.com Award!

Wow, I can’t express how incredibly flattered I am!  And to think…just as I migrated my blog and everything looks cattywompus.  I love that word – I’ll have to use it more often:-)  Amazingly, Chic Steals was nominated in the “Favorite Fashion Blog” category….up against some heavy-hitters like The Fashion Insider and Honestly, WTF…cattywompus, I say!!

This was brought to my attention by the multi-talented superwoman that is Heather Mann, creator of Dollar Store Crafts (which, BTW, is also nominated for an award in the “Favorite Crafty Blog” section!!)

So please check out all of the nominees, votes for your faves and let your voice in DIY be heard….and if you feel so inclined, I’d love it if you could send a vote my way…;-)

Readers’ Choice Awards DIY Fashion Finalists


I've Been Featured on Elle.com Spain!

(Or is it Spanish Elle.com?)  Well, I don’t speak Spanish, but what Google Translate is telling me is that the above reads:

“Do It Yourself Fever”
Ingenuity and creativity in fashion trump all in times of crisis.  
The DIY phenomenon is sweeping the world.

Featured along with other DIY blogger powerhouses such as …love, Maegan, Park & Cube, behind the seams, A Pair & A Spare, the caption under my photo reads:

It is one of the most sought-after jackets so if you have not been lucky, DIY like this blogger.  Blogger Chic Steals shows you a tutorial.

(At least, I think this is what it says…please let me know if I’m totally off-base!)

The tutorial for my DIY Band Jacket is actually here (it’s not linked correctly above or on the site).

Thanks so much, Elle Spain and Paula Llanos García…I truly appreciate the feature and am so excited to be on your site!!


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Awards, Features, and Updates!

Thanks to Rachel of One Pretty Thing, who featured a whole bunch of my latest tutorials and projects.  Plus check them out for tons of Halloween costume ideas, Fall crafts, and awesome tutorials this month!

Aww…thank you!  From Freaky Keen – I LOVE this blog – she does a ton of cool shirt makeovers and it’s so inspirational.  Definitely check it out!

Featured on Vivat Veritas!  I absolutely love her blog – she’s soooo talented, and she sells a line of dresses and accessories on Etsy that are beautiful AND affordable! Check out her shop – it’s amazing! (I’m not responsible for any drool that falls into your keyboard…;-)

I was invited by the crafty and talented Kathryn at KMom14 to play the “Love” Game.  Thanks for the invite!

The rules are:
*Name the person who invited you


*List 1O things you LOVE

1. Chocolate.  In all its forms.
2. My dearest Lil Tot, who means the world to me.  Sweet Packet!
3. The rain.
4. 4 seasons. [I don’t mean the hotel, though it isn’t half bad;-)]
5. Making stuff.
6. Cats.
7. Octopuses.  Adorable!
8. Law & Order: SVU.  Riveting.
9. Spending time with fun, creative, social people.
10. Movie theater popcorn with extra butter.  Yum yum yum yumyum.

*Invite 1O other people to play

I actually don’t want to limit this to just 10 people – so if you’re a reader of my blog, I’m opening it up to YOU!  Let us all know a little more about you by listing 10 things you LOVE on your blog – and tagging more people to do the same.  Spread it a little, spread it a lot – but the LOVE can only multiply.:-)

Featured on Bel Esprit, who made my sexy bustier dress in a lovely pinstripe fabric.  So chic!  (She also made an earlier version in a floral fabric.  Check it out here!)

Featured on ArtPassion’s Facebook page! (I use their pewter fox charms to make my faux fur foxtails that I sell in my Etsy shop.)

I’ve gotten really behind in keeping track of these…if you’ve featured me and I’ve neglected to post it, LMK!

Thanks for all the mentions and awards…you guys are the best!


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I've Been Featured in the Times!

No, not the New York Times.  My local newspaper, the Tigard/Tualatin/Sherwood Times!!

Yes, folks – the Tualatin Times ran a feature of me in their latest edition which came out Thursday, Sept. 16.   They included some nice quotes from me about my efforts to undermine established brand names and force everyone to pick up a pair of scissors and start crafting away.  Yay for subversion!!

They also came to my house and had me play dress up (not that they had to twist my arm or anything, LOL!) and filmed me while doing it.  They put together a little video of me blabbering and preening for the camera too.  😉

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g6hEgf29YgI%2Em4v]

No, in all seriousness, I’m so flattered that they did a story on me!  The story was also run in the Beaverton Valley Times as well, so that’s about 26,000 subscribers who got a great big gander of yours truly in that crazy pillowcase skirt of mine when they opened their newspapers yesterday morning. /*o*\

Thank you so much for the feature and the fabulous video, guys – I’m beyond words!! 😀 😀 😀


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