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9.27.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

image by Yanzhou Bao, source Wow, another week 2 weeks have gone by already! Getting into the swing of things is taking longer than I anticipated. The air is getting cooler here in Portland, and Fall is definitely getting going. Are you excited? I am! Fall is hands-down my favorite season!! Here are some links […]

9.13.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

image source Sorry I just can’t help bursting into giggles each time I look at this photo and the model’s expression. *snort! LOLOLOLOL* There I go again!! Wow! Can you believe it’s mid-way through September already??? And Friday the 13th, to boot! Where did Summer go? The last 3 weeks have been a blur for […]

6.28.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

photo from Welcome to another installment of F.I.L.L.! This week’s been hot and muggy here in Tokyo, punctuated by a couple window-shopping expeditions, a high-end sushi lunch, and Pool Day at Lil Tot’s elementary. Here are some links online that have caught my eye this past week: Dream It: Inspiration & Creativity Neuroknitting creates […]

6.21.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

photo from FashionISing Welcome to another installment of F.I.L.L.! It’s now been almost a week since I’ve come to Tokyo, and I’m working on cleaning up my computer’s digital innards (which sounds so horrible and TMI in a way), working on some design projects (if “working” means “thinking about vaguely but not actually doing anything […]

5.31.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

Nanogarden photo by Wim Noorduin/Harvard University I can’t believe May is almost over! This month has just whoooshed by, and I mean whoooshed, leaving a huge mess in its wake! I’m leaving the country in TWO weeks, just when Portland gets gorgeous and Summery…and trading it in for unending rain during Tokyo’s steamy-hot rainy season….followed by […]

5.24.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

photo by Eric Standley Welcome to my 3rd installment of F.I.L.L.! It’s been a crazy-busy week, and I have even more ahead. 3 weeks until I head to Tokyo for a month, 3 weeks to get tons and tons of DIY’s done and posted! Yikes. But I’ll rally and get it done. For some reason, […]

5.17.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday I Love Links

photo by Beth Mitchell Welcome to my 2nd installment of F.I.L.L.! Last week should have been my second, but alas, the day got away from me with a dr.’s appointment that ran over-time, an ill-timed meltdown from the Lil one, and other obligations that took over my day, so I never got around to posting […]

5.3.13 F.I.L.L.: Friday: I Love Links

from Style Me Pretty, by KT Merry Photography Welcome to the very first installment of F.I.L.L.: my FRIDAY: I Love Links list! (Well, I guess it’s really FILLL…?) I used to do DIY Links of the Week Roundups, where I curated 8-10 links a week, only of DIY tutorials, from all over the web.  I […]

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