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Lookbook from Portland: Sticks & Stones A/W 2013

Originating in the Pacific Northwest, Sticks & Stones was founded on the principle that re-purposed natural materials could be utilized in the construction of sustainable jewelry and accessories. Using materials such as reclaimed exotic wood, elk antler sheds, prehistoric ivories, fine metals, seashells, and gemstones, the in-house manufacturing team uses an intricate process of technology […]

March Sponsor Spotlight: Elinspired on Etsy

I am so excited to announce to you my newest sponsor for March: el.inspired! Emma makes pretty, sparkly bracelets adorned with chunky chains and Swarovski crystal, chic leather tassels, elastic hair tie sets, and tiny leather coin purses.  She writes: I have been making Jewellery for years along with some sewing here and there but […]

Recent DIY Projects

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been neglecting to share things that I’ve made.  Here are a couple items that I’ve finished up and am enjoying: Galaxy-Print Scrunchie Make following this tutorial from some leftover self-designed galaxy-print fabric scraps.  I’m making a top with the fabric and since the tiny amount I bought was so […]

Ring Storage Solutions

So this now closes my Rings Week series – it actually ended up being TWO weeks as I’ve gotten so behind on things. This is how I store my rings in my closet: right below my clothing, on top of my tights drawer. Storing rings (or just about anything) I’ve always found a challenge – […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rings Q&A

Question Mark Ring from CHAO & EERO – you can place an order from them here Since beginning this week chock-full of ring-themed posts, I realize I haven’t delved into the basics just yet.  So for all of you who have questions about rings: how to clean em’, how to size em’, how to keep […]

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