Instagram Contest: Upload and Win Some Amazing BonLook Swag (everyone will win!)

home_instagramHappy New Year, lovelies! I have some cool news courtesy of BonLook!

BonLook is doing a fun Instagram Contest! For every person who uploads a selfie photo (with or without you BonLook glasses) with the hashtag #mybonlook and tag @bonlook will receive some fabulous BonLook swag! Like glasses, sunglasses, a case, or coupons! (One entry per account, please.) Get in on the action and win to start the New Year off on a fabulous foot!

Who doesn’t love a sure thing??!


A Week in Instagram: Early November 2012

So I finally got an iPhone (an early birthday present from Hub), and I’m loving it!  The only thing I miss from my Crackberry was the physical keyboard…but everything else is way better on the iPhone.

I also got sick of waiting for Instagram to come out for the Blackberry…and now I’m finally on this fun photo-sharing platform (albeit a little late to the game)  I’m still getting the hang of it, but I’m posting photos of Portland, Fall snaps, my latest manicures, DIY stuff I’m working on, and recipes.  Hope to see you there – I follow back!

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Photos, from left to right, top to bottom:

1. My last super-healthy indulgence: stove-popped popcorn with lemon-flavored Nutra Sea [Omega-3 oil supplement], Mrs. Dash lemon herbs, and sea salt  /  2. Latest mani: 3 coats of Piggy Polish Teal It Like It Us, from the Ulta store /  3.  Yummy zucchini spaghetti: shredded zucchini, simmered in butter and olive oil, tossed with spaghetti and parmesan

4. The finished result of said pasta  /  5. Sun motif embedded in the pavement at NE Everett St., Portland  /  6. Lil Tot’s first English composition

7. My backyard covered in red Japanese maple leaves / 8. Mushrooms I spotted at Lil Tot’s school, growing in the soccer field  / 9. Fall leaves piled up at his school

10.  I finally learned to solder properly, and made some hammered sterling silver links / 11. Nails Inc. in Trafalgar Square magnetic mani /  12. Portland leaves just beginning to turn yellow for Fall