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15 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

We have just about 2 weeks until the big V-Day and it’s getting time to figure out how to celebrate it. Will you celebrate with a kind gesture towards your loved one, whip up a favorite dish, splurge at a pricey store, or go anti-V-Day? If you are actually celebrating it with your sweetie, why [...]

7 Ways How to Make Good New Year’s Resolutions – And Keep Them

I would have loved to roll this post out while everyone (including me!) was still in the planning stage for their Resolutions, but, alas, an Internet issue has delayed this post. But it’s never too late! Some of you may have already made your Resolutions for 2014 – and others may still be deciding (the [...]

2013: The Year in Review for Chic Steals

Another year has gone by, and now it’s time to do my yearly wrap-up of content. (This was supposed to post New Year’s Eve, but my home router is broken, so I had to write this at my local Starbucks, using their wi-fi. Thanks, Starbucks!!) Every year on New Year’s Eve I republish a list [...]

Happy New Year from Chic Steals!

I had a long recap of 2013 posts to share, but unfortunately my wireless router just broke (we’ve had it for almost 6 years so it had a good life) and I’m unable to finish it via my phone and its spotty roaming connection. I’ll have to wait til Starbucks opens and try to finish [...]

13 DIY New Year’s Eve Headbands and Head Adornments

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching – do you know what you will be wearing yet? There is a definite trend towards wearing something sparkly, large, and a total showstopper on one’s head for that evening – and I just love the boldness of it! Here are some fabulous DIY’s for making your own New [...]

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