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Free Product Isn’t Really Free

Found on CraftSnark, a really awesome website with a ton of snarky posters and graphics depicting what it’s really like to be a craft blogger.  Start reading the posts and you’ll get addicted.  Or at least, I am addicted.  It’s.all.SO.TRUE.

And yes, often companies contact me offering me free products to use in a tutorial on my blog.  When it’s itemized line-by-line like that….the time investment and financial investment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Thank you CraftSnark!

Check Out CraftSnark for the Snarkier Side of Making Things


Portland, OR: It’s Like Living in the 90’s


I never knew what Portland, OR was like until I moved here.  See for yourself above…

This video had me cracking up.:-D  It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of Portland…though that’s not a bad thing!  (I really like living here, maybe because I missed the first half of the American 90’s experience since I was living in Japan.)

Now I have this song stuck in my head!!


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What Are Alpacas? The Crazy Things Kids Say

All photos found here

Alpacas are soooo adorable.  Apparently they’re very intelligent, gentle, quiet creatures.  They don’t fight, don’t spit, don’t stink, don’t eat a lot or over-graze, and are smart enough to poop only in one corner of their field, instead of all over the place like other farm animals.

There are a couple alpaca farms near where we live.  We pass one large one on the way home most days, slowing down to see if we can see the alpacas milling about.  They’re so fluffy and adorable.

Now that Lil Tot is almost 5, he is talking quite a lot.  He often says things I find amusing, or mentions something adults wouldn’t ever think of.  This is a conversation we had in the car passing the alpaca farm the other day:

Lil Tot: Mama, what are alpacas?
Me: (pauses.)  Um…airplanes?
Lil Tot: ????  No they’re not!  What are they???
Me: No…caramels!
Lil Tot: *giggling and shouting* No, Mama, they’re not caramels!!!  What ARE they???
Hub: Race cars.
Lil Tot: NO!  They’re NOT race cars!!!
Hub: Fish.
Me: Cucumbers.
Hub: Worms.
Me: Tax forms.
Lil Tot: (shrieks) NO!!  That has nothing to do with ANYTHING!!  WHAT!  ARE!  THEY!!???!!
Me: They’re animals, sweetie.  Animals.
Lil Tot: Ah.  Animals.
Me:……….  Well, what did you think they were???
Lil Tot: Horses.




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Project Peepway

Project Peepway video on YouTube.  Sweets + Fashion + Animation?  Fabulous!

(Can’t believe some of the vitriol of some of the comments.  Yeah, the video’s kinda silly, but someone sure spent a lot of time making it – RESPECT, people.)


Play Virtual Stylist at

Okay…I know, she doesn’t look anything like me.  But one can dream, right?

Brought to you by the girls behind, Covet, and Weardrobe, Couturious is like paper dolls all grown up (and wearing designer outfits!)

Though it’s still in beta, stocked with the latest designer collections, it’s a fun mix-and-match site where you can try on the latest outfits and play stylist for a day.  Plus you can network with other users, rate other looks, and find yourself a featured Stylist on their homepage.

Love it!   

The outfit above and its details are here if you are interested.


Make Yourself into an Old Navy SuperModelquin (and Win $100,000!)

A little silliness for your Saturday.

Remake yourself into an Old Navy Supermodelquin by “supermolding” yourself using their website interface (i.e., by building a face, body, and outfit on their site.)

Upload a photo of yourself to be entered to win the Grand Prize of $100,000!

These are the Supermodelquins I created of Hub and Lil Tot.  I don’t know who the dog is.  Lil Tot claims it is Pudding, “all grown up.”  (Pudding is a grey Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu, so I’m not sure where the resemblance lies.  I think the dog in the above shot isn’t quite sure either.)

Here is me.  I am, of course, shopping.  Except for my eyes being too far apart, I think it’s  a pretty good resemblance.  I always wanted to be immortalized in plastic!