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One Dress, Three Girls with Mabel & Zora Boutique

Welcome to the first installment of my brand-new series, called “One Piece, Three Girls!” and Happy Memorial Day! In this series I feature a single article of clothing, jewelry, or an accessory, styled into 3 different looks for 3 different ladies.   For the first post in the series, I’ve partnered up with the amazing […]

High-Fashion DIY’s: Quick, Quick!

So Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2011/12 has commenced and the shows are now well underway…and I’m following the coverage as it breaks.  I’m a little sorry I can’t make it out there this time around, but there’s so much going on here I just can’t tear myself away.  For now, following from a […]

DIY: Men’s Shirt to Bow Tunic Dress

Once I saw this bow tunic dress in Vivi Magazine, it was all over.  I’m such a sucker for bows and anything really girly – especially when it’s multifunctional!  This sweet little piece you can wear with the bows running down your back or down your front depending on your mood.  Fashioned from an oversized […]

DIY Forever 21 Dress? Question

from HI! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You are so amazing! I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago and passed it on to all my best friends. Do you think you could do a DIY on this dress? Hi there and thanks for your question!Could you post the full URL […] Question: How to DIY a Tiered Floral Dress

 from hey carly! any advice on how to diy this dress?  Thanks! Hi there!I’m having a lot of trouble seeing the dress up close from the photo. It looks like a simple tube dress – but could it be constructed from multiple tiers of fabric? If you are wanting to create those tiers […] Question: Tell us about your wedding dress!

from Hi Carly –  I recently discovered your blog and I love it!  You are doing a great job.  I have a question – as you love DIY and fashion, I am curious if you could tell us about your wedding dress!    Hope you have a great day, Liz Hi Liz! hehe, you make […]

Casual Lace Dress DIY Question

from hi carly!love your blog could you post how to make a casual lace dress? thanks Sure – did you have a particular style or type in mind? Do you have an inspiration photo! Let me know~Thanks-Carly Ask me anything

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