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DIY Halloween Mice Cheese Platter

For the final DIY in my 1 Week of Halloween DIY series, I’m sharing one of my favorite things ever. I LOVE cheese, and always serve it at any get-together or party. Therefore, a cute  cheese serving board was in order (and though this can work for Halloween it can work for pretty much any [...]

DIY Webby Frame Glow-in-the-Dark Owl Picture

Saturday I made some DIY Spooky Pictures for the wall, today I want to finish up my mantelpiece decorations with a Owl Picture in the center with its own DIY Spiderwebby Frame. Use some glow-in-the-dark decoupage to add a spooky glowing touch! Here’s how: You Need:

DIY Halloween Decoupaged Spooky Cut-Out Pictures

The next part of my 1 Week of Halloween DIY series is focusing on the indoor decorations. I’ve already got the front porch looking season-appropriate with DIY Stenciled Halloween Pumpkins (3 Ways), now I want to decorate my walls. 2 spooky DIY pictures fit the bill, using decoupage paper and cut-outs to make it quick. [...]

DIY Stenciled Halloween Pumpkins

Welcome to Day 2 of my 1 Week of Halloween DIY! What’s representative of Halloween no matter where you go? PUMPKINS! And today I’m going to share with you a simple DIY to jazz up pumpkins (the faux kind, which means you can use them year after year With a couple of stencils it is [...]

DIY Paper Glitter Diamond Duo Paperweights

I am just in love with Minieco‘s website – it’s so colorful and fun, my day is instantly brightened. Plus the author offers tons of downloadable paper templates and the origami-lover in me just can’t stay away. I particularly am drawn to the paper gemstone templates since they seem such a paradox. Precious gemstones! Made [...]

DIY Gold Typography Word Art: Dream It, Make It, DO IT

So having been so inspired by gold-appointed typography art, I just had to make some myself to hang in my new office. The great thing about DIY’ing it is that you can choose anything: any word, phrase, or saying that has special meaning to you – and forever memorialize it in paint and glitter. It [...]

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