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DIY Washi Tape Barrettes for WeHeartThis

1.diywashitapebarrettes_introphotoHello everyone! Today I am over on sharing my DIY tutorial for some sweet Washi Tape Barrettes. They’re so easy to make with your favorite washi tape – and they look like you could have bought them from a store! Click on over to check out the full step-by-step tutorial on We Heart This!diywashitapebarrettes_done4

DIY Washi Tape Barrettes on We Heart This


M&J Trimming DIY Challenge Projects Now Live on the M&J Trimming Blog!

mjtrimming_chicstealsprojectsHello lovely readers!

Today all the DIY projects I created for M&J Trimming’s Third Annual DIY Challenge are now live on their blog. Please click on over to check them out!

Check Out My DIY Projects on the M&J Trimming Blog

Thanks so much to the team at M&J Trimming – I had a blast working with all your wonderful supplies!


FTC Disclosure: I received a box of trims and supplies courtesy of M&J Trimming, to create step-by-step DIY tutorials for their DIY Challenge. I have received a $100 M&J Trimming Gift Card as compensation for my submissions. My official Disclosure Policy is here.

DIY: 40’s-Style Cute Kitty Beret (for Halloween…?)

Now that the weather’s cooling down, I want a cute little hat to wear – not something chunky and heavy just yet, but something that adds just a little bit of warmth.  Something polished, and maybe even a bit kitschy.

And I just LOVE me some kittehs!  I am such a crazy cat lady.  I used to volunteer in Hawaii trapping feral cats and adopting the kittens out to loving homes.  Then I got Cat Scratch Fever.  True story.  Anyway.

Cat-themed merch was all over the runways and is now in stores for Fall (check out this lovely printed Wildfox sweater and Romwe’s knockoff oh-so-similar version).  So, inspired by berets I’ve been seeing in my Japanese magazines, I decided to create my own Kitty version.  And it’s my first foray into wet wool felting and hat-making.  So stick with me and I’ll show you how!

You Need: (more…)

DIY Inspiration: Thakoon S/S 2012 Hair

Okay, so we saw a version of this as a DIY on PS I Made This lately…but isn’t this twisted, yarn-y confection just begging to be DIY’d as is?  Cue the pompon maker and bright yarn…this would be so easy to “recreate” with a barette attached to a yarn pompon, and a couple other hair combs with a small amount of yarn wrapped around them (or even small knitted rectangles – even cut from a sweater!!).  You wouldn’t have to go full-on runway-style woven-through-the-hair either…just a prim braid or chignon pinned up at the back of the head, with the aforementioned barrettes/pompon would look pretty neat!


photo from

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Don’t Buy, D.I.Y! Marc Jacobs Colored Straw Hat

Straw orange and pink sunhats from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 RTW Collection.

A little paint gives a floppy straw hat a vibrant 70’s-inspired makeover a la Marc Jacobs.

Merona Wide-Brim Floppy Straw Hat, Target, $12.99. 

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint in Fuchsia and in Pumpkin, $5.79 each,

Happy DIY’ing!


Photo is a scan of one of the Marc Jacobs advertisements shot by Juergen Teller, found in Vogue Magazine (or something…)

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Re-use, Repurpose, and Re/Up-cycle for Earth Day 2011

I’ve shared so many tutorials on this blog about remaking items you may already have in your closet, I just wanted to share them again!  (Re-use of an idea – haha!  Totally green!;-) )  So here are some of my favorite past projects from the last year or so, that give new life to old items!

Upcycled Men’s Shirts

I Love NY Tote 

(from a t-shirt)

Convertible Skirt 

(from 3 button-downs)

Corseted Tee 

(from a t-shirt)

Happy Ice Cream Shirt 

(from a t-shirt)

Summer Tank Dress 

(from a tanktop + t-shirt)

Ruffled Top 

(from a button-down)

Jumpsuit Romper 

(from a button-down)

Bow Tunic Dress 

(from a long-sleeved top)

Repurposed Jewelry

Acrylic Bib Necklace 

(from a purse handle)

Boho Bangles 

(from curtain rings)

Spiked Crystal Ring 

(from a rhinestone ring)

Woven Shape Pin 

(from a ribbon)

Recycled Accessories

Alexander Wang Stirrup Socks 

(from old socks)

Givenchy Spiked Headband 

(from an old headband)

Wired Rabbit Ears Headband 

(from a handkerchief)

Bra Strap Applique Headband 

(from a bra strap)

Chic-ified Clothing

Woven Ribbon Sweater 

(add ribbon)

Elastic-Band Skirt 

(from a pillowcase)

Petal-Front Top 

(add silk flower petals)

Hybrid Sweater 

(from 2 sweaters)

And also, some of my recent projects:

I made this pyramid-studded zip clutch following the same directions for my DIY Laptop Sleeve from a Leather Jacket tutorial from last year – except this time I added a gigantic pyramid stud (1″ wide!) to the front, and a zipper as the closure.

You could of course make this zippered pouch out of any material you want – including fabric, a pillowcase, an old towel, vinyl, or even from a Dollar Store faux leather placemat!!

I also found a pair of leather pants at the Goodwill, and hacked off the legs, glued and sewed the hems, and hemmed the lining to create the perfect pair of leather shorts (for a mere $14.99 – which was the cost of the pants!  And now I have all that extra leather I cut off to make other projects…)

(I know, it seems sort of hypocritical to highlight projects for Earth Day that use leather - considering most conventionally-made leather is tanned and finished with environmentally-unfriendly chemicals…to say nothing of the environmental impact that a single cow raised on a factory farm makes…but at least it’s an option for what to do with leather items that are sitting at thrift stores or languishing in your closet or just being thrown away…)

What will you do this Earth Day? Make something, recycle something, plant something, use less electricity or water, cook a vegetarian meal?

Do tell!  And have a Happy Earth Day!



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DIY Tube Flower Headband: Create Couture Challenge


In the home stretch now, everyone! Another one of my submissions for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge back in early August.


*White Sweater Style Stretch Trim
*Gold Circle Studs

Additional Tools/Materials:

*thin headband
*sewing machine + needle for knits (optional)
*hand-sewing needle
*matching thread
*hot-glue gun

How to:

1. Sew the Stretch Trim into a tube down its long side.  (I sewed it on the sewing machine but you can hand-stitch it if you prefer.)  Turn right-side out.

2. Cut into 3 pieces: 1 longer for the large flower, and 2 shorter for the two smaller flowers.

3. Hand-stitch the two ends of the long piece of Trim together, to form a circle.


Make 5 loops in the circle and push inwards to the center, stitching through the center area.

4. Pull the thread tight to gather the loops.
5. Sew a few times more all the way through the center to secure.

6. Repeat Steps 3) – 5) for the two smaller flowers.  I made only 4 loops (4 petals) for each.


7. Dab some hot glue in the center of each flower, and glue down a Circle Stud.


8. Hot-glue each flower to the top of a thin headband.  (For more security, I’d recommend hand-sewing the flowers on, looping the thread around the headband.)


And that’s it!  This of course can be accomplished by using any scrap fabric or ribbon you have – though it works particularly well with “puffy” fabric like this sweater stretch trim because it creates a tube-like appearance to the flower petals.


Everything’s in bloom during the summer!


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DIY: Flowered Hair Clip

I have such a thing for accessories, and Japanese magazines such as Vivi never fail to supply an endless source of ideas and inspiration.  Always torn between whimsically feminine and punky/edgy, I constantly vascillate back and forth in my own outfits…but when it comes to frilly, flowery, and girly pieces Japanese mags always beat the rest.  This flowered hair clip (similar to one featured in Vivi May 2010) is super-easy to make, but lends a pretty and feminine vibe to anything you’re wearing.

You Need:

 *silk flowers (mine were cornflowers, daisies, and forsythia…and a white plum or something but I’m not sure)
*tiny white seed beads
*stiff black felt
*hair clip


*hot glue gun + glue stick
*hand-sewing needle
*black thread
*craft glue


1. Separate the silk flowers from their stems.

If the flowers have jutting base stems, cut those off.

2. Cut a small piece of the felt in a oval shape.  Mine was about 4″ long by 3″ wide.

3. Spread a tiny amount of craft glue around the center of the main daisy.  Use a toothpick to position the seed beads in a ring around the center.  (You could also potentially do this after you’ve glued the daisy to the felt base, but I found it easier to do it first.)  Allow to dry.

4. Use a needle and thread to anchor the hair clip to the felt oval.  (Remove the center prong first and then loop the thread around the clip base.)

5. Spread some hot glue on the underside of a flower and press onto the felt.  Add more flowers, clustering them close together. If the petals begin to separate, add more hot glue in-between the layers of petals.

Use the toothpick to prevent the petals from tangling on one another.

6. Trim the edges of the felt base so it can’t be seen from the front.

And that’s it!  Soft, slightly curled hair works best with this piece – or you could try this in front of a ponytail (again, going for the soft look).

If you want more security, you could also make this attached to a thin headband, or add a pin-back to use it as a corsage pin on a jacket or a bag.

I’d love to see your combination of flowers and colors on this little piece!
Happy DIY’ing!


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