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Announcement: Creatively Chic Podcasts Are No More

Hello lovely readers! Usually Mondays would be the day for me to announce a new episode of my podcast, or to share with you an inspiring lookbook from one of my favorite Portland or Japanese brands. However this Monday I am sharing some sad news: my partnership with to bring you a bimonthly episode […]

Creatively Chic Podcast Episode 13: Beautiful 3D Paper-Crafting: Handcraft Your Life with Lia Griffith and Your One-Stop Paper Shop

photo from Lia Griffith, the founder of is already making a name for herself as a talented paper-manipulator. On her blog she shares her love of all that is paper, including free downloadable templates for gorgeous flowers, wreaths, labels, and gift tags. Her work has been featured on the DIY Network, Martha Stewart […]

Creatively Chic Podcast Episode 12: Sewing From Thrifted Finds: Suzannah Hamlin-Stanley of Adventures in Dressmaking and Finding It at

Suzannah Hamlin-Stanley is the talented sewist and blogger behind the website Adventures in Dressmaking. Her blog features tons of tutorials for sewing and patternmaking, including many upcycled pieces crafted from thrift store finds. Tune in for some great tips for working with secondhand materials, must-have sewing tools, and resources. This episode also features a spotlight […]

Creatively Chic Podcast Episode 10: Creating the Perfect Room: Interior Stylist Adi Edlen and Spotlight Interview with Cutting Edge Stencils

Adi Edlen from is an amazing interior stylist who has an eye for beautiful color and pattern pairings, but is mindful of tight budgets. We talk how to embark on a home decor revamping project by creating inspiration collages, her favorite destinations for amazing (and affordable!) finds [ is one of them!], and her […]

Creatively Chic Podcast Episode 9: A Passion for Trashion: Outi Pyy of + M & J Trimming Spotlight Interview

Spearheading the upcycling movement and encouraging ethical and ecologically-sound fashion production, Outi Pyy of the wildly popular fashion blog Outsapop has just released her first book TRASHION! We talk recycled and upcycled couture-style creations, how to find the perfect materials in thrift shops that will last a lifetime, and where fashion for the future is […]

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