CHICSTEALFORWANDERANDHUNT1Hello friends! Today I am sharing the DIY tutorial for the Radiant Rhinestone Belt kit I designed for Wander & Hunt. It’s a fun little project with maximum impact, and you can place your stones however you like to get totally different looks. diyanthrojeweledbelt_done2(My version is less symmetrical and more random, as you can see.) Here’s how:

You Need:

Radiant Rhinestone Belt Kit from Wander & Hunt (ribbon base, felt, glue, a skewer, rhinestones)  /  scissors  /  open flame  /  needle & thread  /  foil (not pictured)

How To:

diyanthrojeweledbelt_step11. I found it was easiest to squeeze some glue onto a piece of foil, and dip the skewer in it, but you can also use the precision tip included in the kit to apply the glue.

diyanthrojeweledbelt_step2Place some glue onto the back of a rhinestone.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step32. Position the rhinestone on the felt. The skewer helps in positioning here.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step43. Add more rhinestones as you like, working out from the center.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step5diyanthrojeweledbelt_step64. When you are satisfied with the rhinestone placement, cut the felt close to the rhinestones.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step75. Place some glue down the center of the back of the felt.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step8Press the felt piece onto the center of your ribbon.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step96. For added security, use a needle and thread to hand-tack any edges or areas that might need stabilization.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_step10diyanthrojeweledbelt_step117. Cut off both ends of the ribbon at an angle, and use an open flame to heat-seal them.

diyanthrojeweledbelt_step128. (Optional) Use some more glue to secure on more rhinestones along the ribbon for added embellishment.
diyanthrojeweledbelt_done3And that’s it! Pretty easy, right?

I love this cinched over a simple dress or top; it really adds a beautiful and chic dimension to any basic in your wardrobe. This kit is only $29 (with FREE Worldwide Standard Shipping) – so it’s way more affordable than a rhinestone belt found at any store.

Buy the DIY Radiant Rhinestone Belt Kit from Wander & Hunt

Happy DIY’ing!