Modify Watches Promotional Video Fashion Breakdown

Hello friends! Today I’d love to walk you through all the fashion and cool watches we featured in my recent Show Your Colors Modify Watches x Chic Steals Promotional Video. Some people have asked me: “Which Mod is she wearing?” or “Where did you get that dress?” so I’d love to do a look-by-look breakdown with links where to buy everything. This post may get a little long, but here goes!

Outfit 1: Preppy


Straw hat: Target (old). Mossimo Women’s Sleeveless Must Have Top: Target. Rutilated Quartz Gemstone Necklace: Heather Hawkins. Merona Women’s Colorblock Longsleeve Cardigan: Target. Belt: unknown. Khaki pants: Target. Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Leather Boat Shoes.

Modify Watch**: Rainbow Chevron face with Pool Party Glitter Strap (“Supporting the Ally Coalition”), switched to SF Orange Strap.


Outfit 2: Blogger


Split-Lens Sunglasses: Girlprops. Rhinestone necklaces: vintage. Wristband wrap: vintage. Double Pyramid Knuckle Ring: Forever 21. Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring: DIY (tutorial here). No More Faith Distressed T-shirt: my design, available on Zazzle. Suede jacket: unknown.

Modify Watch: Graphene Face with Black Glitter Strap (“Moonlight”)

Outfit 3: Hipster


Modify Watch: Stripe Face with Turquoise Strap (“Modarita Mondays”).


Black beanie: Nike. Kadie Shirt in Checked Plaid: Paige Premium Denim. Tortoiseshell glasses: Forever 21. Chanel Tanktop: DIY (tutorial here). Petite Golden Nugget Beaded Bracelets: Shashi.

Outfit 4: Business


Rectangle glasses: Tommy Hilfiger. Deep-V blouse & black blazer: unknown.

Modify Watch: Silver face with Black Strap (“Sweet Child of Modify”)

Outfit 5: Feminine


Prada rose cabochon rhinestone stud earrings: DIY (tutorial here). Bee motif bracelet: Target. Perfect-Fit Mixed-Tape cardigan: J. Crew, c/o Tide. Xhilaration Junior’s Textured Knit Dress in Daisy: Target. Suede belt: Old Navy. Tights & Flats: unknown.

Modify Watch: Polka Dot face with Pink Glitter Strap (“Eenie Weenie Polka Spot Bikini”)

Outfit 6: Nerdy


Rectangle glasses: Tommy Hilfiger. The Gradient Sequins print black sweatshirt: Romwe. Grid-pattern blouse: Forever 21. New Style Three Dimensional bag: Choies.

Modify Watch: QR Code face with White Strap.

Outfit 7: Betsey Johnson-Inspired


Striped armwarmers: Claire’s. Bejeweled necklace: Forever 21. All Over Sequin Tee: Topshop. Blush Bohemian Jewel Bracelets: Alex + Ani. Silver bangle set: Claire’s. Blue tutu: Spiral Girl.

Modify Watch: Hot Pink face with Sky Blue Strap (“Unwrapped Candy”)

Outfit 8: Date Night


Thread-wrapped gold hoop earrings: DIY (tutorial here). “Love” necklace: c/o Accessorize. Snake-print velvet camisole: Topshop. Black + White Swarovski crystal bracelet: DIY (tutorial coming soon!). Sequin skirt: Forever 21.

Modify Watch: Gold Glitter face with Black Strap, switched to Black Glitter Strap.

**All Modify watches that we used were the “Mini” sizes!!

To let you guys in on a little secret: There were actually 10 outfits we had planned to shoot for this video. On the shoot date, we were losing light quickly and had to cut 1 (a Nautical look) in order to get some of the more important ones in before the light changed too dramatically. In the edit, we also removed another 1 (Yoga Outfit) because we felt it didn’t add anything to the piece. So we ended up with 8 outfits, all seen above.

Oh and don’t forget:

Use Code CHIC15 to Get 15% off Your Modify Watch

Plus, Modify is doing a Kickstarter right now where you can order a watch with your own custom face (above discount code not applicable). You can get EXACTLY what you want on the face – which sounds pretty cool!

Kickstarter: Make Your Own Custom Mod

Which outfit did you like the best? And which watch would you match with it?



5 Comments on Modify Watches Promotional Video Fashion Breakdown

  1. Pat schwab
    3.04.2014 at 4:34 am (2 years ago)

    What was you job on this video shoot? Did you help design the watches? The video came out cool.

    • carlyjcais
      3.04.2014 at 6:31 pm (2 years ago)

      I conceived of the video, reached out to Modify to work together, worked with my co-producer to create a concept, hire crew, schedule the shoot, provide the furnishings. I created the outfit looks to match with the watches, and worked with the hair and makeup artist to create the direction for hair/makeup. I also did all the styling on the shoot day (90% of the clothing and accessories were mine), did the second edit, plus color-correcting & titling for the finished piece. Basically a Creative Director & Co-Producer role, if you will. But of course I couldn’t have done it without my fabulous and talented team of co-creators!! :-)

    • carlyjcais
      3.04.2014 at 6:32 pm (2 years ago)

      Plus I erased your comment with the typo, so don’t worry about it! Thanks for your kind words about the video :-)

  2. Pat schwab
    3.05.2014 at 1:43 am (2 years ago)

    Wow! Your concept was great. Now I have to look at all the clothes the model wore even better . I miss my good old fashioned typewriter because I didn’t seem to make as many typos. I see I made another one ( you instead of your) Oh well I’m not perfect except I do know English. Laugh.

    • carlyjcais
      3.05.2014 at 3:42 pm (2 years ago)

      Thank you, Pat! Yes. it’s very easy to make typos on a keyboard since the keys are so light and easy to hit by mistake :-) No worries!


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