Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.47.57 PMArrived on the other side of the world yesterday and still getting acclimated. Day and night are reversed after a 10-hour flight, utterly confused by all the newfangled gadgets in my in-laws’ newly-renovated house, and completely unable to post anything marginally coherent on my blog. Finally figured out a cellphone connection so I’ll be Instagramming my trip over the next month- follow me on Instagram to see tons of #traveldiary photos of Tokyo, yummy eats, and uniquely Japanese products and locales. Above, top row: my in-laws’ new foyer and floral arrangements, a mini peach pineapple from Okinawa, a deodorant that acts like roll-on paint primer (!) to block any unwanted smells, roasted green tea and black bean ice cream, tempura shrimp carcass, a tempura master at Tenyu.

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Hopefully in a day or two I’ll resume posting as normal.