The answer would be: All Black.

I am working my other job today: on set, as Art Director for a 3-part corporate video shoot the company I work with is producing.

Which means I look very UN-chic since I am on-set as a working crew member, heading up the Art Department.  My nails are shredded (and there’s probably black under them too), I have stuff scrawled on my hands, I worked a 12.5-hour day yesterday and am working a 14-hour one today, and I’m probably pretty frazzled by the time I can take a photo.

But you do it for the love of making something cool and creative.

And for the record, my clothing actually WAS a steal:

Black Long-Sleeved T-Shirt: Forever 21

Black Tanktop (worn under): Victoria’s Secret

Black Jeggings: UNIQLO

So crew blacks = a steal.  Good to know! 😉

Stay chic~