DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace


DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo NecklaceThis DIY tutorial has likely been done already hundreds of times in the aftermath of Tom Binns releasing his neon cameo collection in Spring 2012 – but what’s once more? I love the juxtaposition of elegant, old-world cameos harkening back to the times of daguerrotypes and intaglio portraits…rendered in full-on neon for the modern age. You can make your own easily, with some paint, rhinestone chain, and a soft embossing metal as backing – with no one the wiser as to how your unique creation came about. Here’s how:

Materials:DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace

1 cameo (and this place has the best selection!)  /  rhinestone cup chain  /  gold embossing metal  /  scissors  /  jump ring  /  pliers  /  wire-cutting pliers  /  jewelry glue (not pictured)  /  pin or awl (not pictured) /  paint in 2 neon colors  /  primer or white paint  /  pen  /  paintbrush  /   matte sealant (optional, not pictured)

How To: DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace 1. Since cameo colors are usually fairly opaque, you may want to prime your cameo first with a coat of primer, or just a coat of white paint. Allow to dry.

2. Paint the cameo. Usually it’s easiest to paint the lighter color first, than the brighter or darker color next. You may have to do a couple coats of each color to fully hide the color of the original cameo.

3. (optional) Paint a coat of sealant on he cameo to hide brushstrokes and prevent paint chipping. Allow to dry.

4. Glue the cameo onto a small piece of embossing metal.
5. Place the rhinestone chain around the cameo, and cut to desired length.
DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace6. Spread glue on the back of the rhinestone chain, and glue to the metal backing around the cameo.

7. When dry, poke a hole in the embossing metal with a pin or awl.

8. Trim the metal close around the chain, and use the side of the scissors to fold it to cup the chain so no sharp edges stick out.
DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace9. Thread a jumping through the hole you made, onto a necklace.

And you’re done!
DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace
Wear with something dark and modern for contrast, or pair with a pastel frilly corset for your best Marie Antoinette impression!

DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo NecklaceHappy DIY’ing!

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Join Us at the Annual Back to School with Portland Bloggers Event!


Join Us at the Annual Back to School with Portland Bloggers Event!Yes, Pacifc Northwest peeps, it’s that time of year again – the leaves start turning, the air is crisp, grumpy children are bemoaning school starting again (and I speak from experience)…and it’s the Portland Bloggers annual Back to Blogging School event.

And you won’t want to miss this one!

This year we will be discussing blog design and branding. Join us for an informative morning of learning about furthering your blog brand through good visual communication, designing at home or working with a pro to create custom graphics and layout, and making consistency and clarity easy in your ongoing blogging!

We have several local designers giving presentations, including yours truly: ME! I’ve be giving a presentation on How To Create a Style Guide for your blog – and announcing this big, top-secret project I’ve been working on (and if you’re a blogger, you definitely won’t want to miss it!)

Buy tickets to Back to School with Portland Bloggers: Blog Design

Date: Saturday, Sept. 27

Time: 10 AM – 12:30 PM

Location: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, 12000 SW 49th Ave. TCB Building, Room 218

Spots are limited, so buy your ticket now!!

They say that content is king for building a blog – but a beautiful, professional digital space to share the content is queen!

I hope to see you gals and guys there!


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Calling all Creatives! Enter the Sock It to Me 10th Anniversary International Design-A-Sock Contest NOW!


Calling all Creatives! Enter the Sock It to Me 10th Anniversary International Design A Sock Contest NOW!Portland-based uber-awesome sock company Sock It To Me is celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Crack the champagne home-brewed beer! [cuz it's Portland]

They are inviting sock fanatics from around the world to submit a unique sock design for a chance to win $5,000, $1,000 and $500 in cash and products – and have their design manufactured in Sock It to Me’s next collection. The contest runs from September 5 – 26 and is open to artists of all ages and talents.

  • The Grand Prize Winner will get a cash prize of $5000, their design manufactured on real socks, and 15 pairs of awesome Sock It to Me socks from our current line!
  • A second place winner will receive $1000 and 10 pairs of socks.
  • Third place winner will get $500 and 5 pairs of socks.


Good luck – and may the best socks win!


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My Big Announcement! Say hello to the new…


My Big Announcement! Say hello to the new...Hello all!

As I hinted on Sunday and snapped on Instagram, I do indeed have a big announcement. So here it goes…

I am now the Social Media Marketing Manager for Studio 3 here in Portland! They are a very high-end photography studio, for product and food and beverage and lifestyle – and they also do video and CGI and digital art and just all-around fantastic stuff, working with a variety of established brands.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new job (which is a part-time gig, so I will still continue to blog here) and am looking forward to driving their online presence (plus doing a little advanced SEO for their website. All in a day’s work, my friends!) My Big Announcement! Say hello to the new...

So yay for the new!

My Big Announcement! Say hello to the new...Follow Studio 3 on their social media channels to see what I’ll be sharing daily about this awesome photography and video powerhouse:

Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Instagram  /  Blog

It’ll take your breath away.


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Alteration 101: How to Make a T-Shirt Dress Bigger


Alteration 101: How to Make a T Shirt Dress BiggerHello all!

I apologize for my week-long absence…things have been just crazy with Lil Tot going back to school and getting back into the school routine. And I have an announcement to make soon – can’t wait to share!

Alteration 101: How to Make a T Shirt Dress BiggerI snapped up a Stylestalker Space Jam T-shirt style dress from Shopbop in February – I just couldn’t pass up the cool pattern on it. (All it needs is a kitten shooting rainbows out of its eyes and then its the perfect Dark Side of the Moon-style CD album artwork. Or something like that.)       Alteration 101: How to Make a T Shirt Dress Bigger Unfortunately it was the last dress left and at a size 4 it was a little too tight here and there on me (at the time in February). The mantra I live by:

So I went about to alter it to be a little more skimming, and here’s how you could do the same to a straight-shaped dress that just needs a little extra something:

You Need: (more…)

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Chic For the Week – 4


Chic For the Week   4Welcome to another installment of Chic for the Week, where I share a couple shopping picks that have been on my mind lately.

How is everyone’s Labor Day Weekend going?

I am taking this long, lazy weekend to get caught up on household chores and repairs (we have a blind that fell off a high window about 20 feet off the ground, and a closet door that fell off its hinges – seriously, what’s with everything falling off lately??)…and spend some fun time with Lil Tot.

Today is the Oregon State Fair and we are going with a friend to ride ourselves sick on the Round Up and Scrambler. LOVE the Scrambler – it brings back my favorite childhood memories.

I want to keep things cool, casual and yet a little bit edgy this weekend. Here are a couple items I feel need to be added to my closet stat:

1. This Feeling Spine Tank is cool and relaxed; love the rocker-vibe it has too it. (I actually own a similar piece from Sauce I got a couple years ago, and it’s still one of my faves.)

2. Have you ever discovered the PERFECT pair of ripped-up, distressed jeans…and been completely distressed the first time you wash them and the denim rips to shreds? It’s a pet peeve of mine, since it renders your jeans ripped even further every time you try to clean them…and eventually shortens their lifespan. What I’ve just discovered about Blank Denim (and I can’t get enough of it!!) is that they patch their jeans with same-colored denim under the rips to prevent your jeans falling apart in the wash. (Plus they prevent embarrassing skin showing; you can wear these jeans to more conservative places without wondering if the rips are just revealing a bit too much.) I LOVE this extra design detail, and these Distressed Boyfriend Jeans are my new favorites.

3. Heading to the fair means I have to keep all my stuff with me, even when upside down on the Tower of Terror. This New Look XHatch Formal Backpack will keep all my things safe (and looking oh-so-chic as well!). Also, just today at, you can get 75% off sale items + another 10% off with code HAVE10. (Ends 3 AM EST tomorrow morning)

4. These Y.R.U. Qloud Keeper sneaks are super-unique with the Lucite platform, and maybe they’re not totally down-to-eart and relaxed, but boy do I want to try these out.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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Back to School with Darby Smart DIY Kits


Back to School with Darby Smart DIY KitsThe time to return back to school is upon us – and Darby Smart has some fun back-to-school DIY kits that will get you set for another year of academic success. How about a:

Top row: Leather Tassel Keychain  /  Scrabble Tile Mousepad  /  Leather Infinity Scarf

Middle row: Cross Stitch Tote  /  Build a Clock

Bottom row: Gold Statement Stack of Bracelets  /  Studded Cobalt Clutch  /  Painted Bamboo Phone Case

And my DIY Agate Keepsake Box Kit is also still available!

Back to School with Darby Smart DIY Kits

Check Out All the Fun DIY Kits from Darby Smart Here

And Happy Back to School!!


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